Malanie Moore

Strong Girls Have Lost A Loved One

Published in Jul 2019 / Updated in Jan 2021
strong girls have lost a loved one

Some kinds of pain go deeper than others. These pains are shattering, and they never really go away. The wounds they leave behind never truly heal.

The Saudi Arabian Princess of the 21st Century

Published in Jun 2019 / Updated in Mar 2021
the saudi arabian princess of the 21st century

Deena Abdulaziz Al-Saud is the princess of Saudi Arabia. However, unlike the ordinary female country residents, she wears neither hijab nor burqa. The princess owns a boutique of exclusive clothes. Maybe that’s why she has this European-bold image: short hair, short dresses, eccentric outfits, and accented slenderness.

Date Someone Who Actually Pursues You

Published in Jun 2019 / Updated in Feb 2021
Date Someone Who Actually Pursues You

Chasing after a woman is an art form. While chasing a woman is not given much attention because we humans gravitate towards comfortable and predictable routines, pursuing is still important.