Strong Girls Have Lost A Loved One

Strong Girls Have Lost A Loved One

Some kinds of pain go deeper than others. These pains are shattering, and they never really go away. The wounds they leave behind never truly heal.

We are not talking about breakups or getting betrayed or ghosted. No, we are talking about a painful situation that is beyond fixing. Time may dull the pain, but it never truly takes it away.

It's pain of knowing that you will never see your loved one again.


A girl who has gone through this feels helpless. After all, what can she do to get back the loved one she has lost forever?

Her world was turned upside down, and it's totally unfair and senseless.

They should have held on for a little longer because he/she deserved health, happiness, and longer life.

She could have used a lot more time with them, could have heard more from them, and shared more of those beautiful memories. To be honest, she still could.


She has to tell herself to stay strong because she still can't handle the fact that the most heartbreaking thing happened to her.

She accepts the devastating reality she is facing, but she will never fully comprehend it.

She remembers the day she got the news. Everything about her changed and she questioned everything, including God's intentions.

That was the biggest low of her life. She could barely handle herself.


She even thought it was the end for her. Except it wasn't.

In no way she can imagine, she managed to raise herself up. She had no option but to keep going forward.

Death destroyed her world. She even wished it was her, but she keeps pushing forward regardless of the pain.

She cries when she thinks of her loved and the tears never stop flowing.

When she walks past the places they would go together, it hurts deeply.


Her only consolation is that her departed loved one watches on her from above. She knows the person wants nothing more than for her to be happy.

Even with the cruelty of death, she still has a heart that can love and be loved. She has a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

She cannot take any moment for granted. She knows from experience what it's like when a close friend has lost a loved one and is going through hell.


She learned to be strong because she could not accept bitterness and resentment as her only reality. Death may have taken away someone she loved deeply, but it will not take away every good thing about her. And certainly not the love in her heart.

Her pain made her strong. She lost an invaluable treasure and still holds on. She is a rock to all who come to her for support.

She knows what it is to go through unimaginable pain. And because of that, she understands love better than most.


So, believe me, a woman who can manage that is capable of a lot more.