Never Let Your Bestie Go If They Do These 8 Things

Never Let Your Bestie Go If They Do These 8 Things

1. She Knows Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

Having someone know all your darkest secrets is truly rare. But having someone who knows them but does not use them against you is extra special.

She knows that everyone has things they keep close to the chest because they are not worth sharing with the world. But rather than using these secrets to ruin your reputation or tease you, she uses them to know more about you.

2. She Listens To You At All Times

A true bestie always listens, even when you have nothing important to say. This friend treasures everything you have to say.

She does this because she cares about your feelings. She is always looking for ways to make you feel better, which is why she listens to everything you have to say.

If your friend can do this, then you have found a truly great friend.

3. She Encourages You

A true friend will want you to become the best you can be. For this reason, she will encourage you to give all the things you have ever thought of trying a shot.

She does it because she believes in you. She sees you as special and wants you to be all you can be. If you have such a bestie, then you have a truly rare person in your life. You should treat her well and hold onto her.

4. She Is Okay With Who You Are

A friend who does not try to change you is worth keeping. Nobody would do that unless they loved you for real.

As you probably know by now, nobody is perfect. Therefore, the fact that someone would fully accept you with all your flaws is a truly amazing thing.

It shows a level of respect that only a handful of people in this world would ever give you. This also means she does not judge. Instead, she focuses on bringing out the best in you.

5. She Can Turn Your Tears Into A Laugh

There are times when you feel like your world is falling to pieces. During these moments, you need a friend to give you a shoulder to cry on.

So, if you have a friend who can turn that frown into a smile, you have a very precious person in your life. Such a friend would never let you suffer on your own. Instead, she will stop at nothing to make you happy.

6. She Empathizes With You

When you are going through something, this friend will always understand. She will support you when you need help, and it's because her friendship is real.

She is simply your guardian angel, there with you when you need someone the most.

7. She Is Protective Of You

All girls need someone who can protect them. It's not always that a man will be available to do that. Only a bestie can protect you in such circumstances. And you have to admit, there are few things sweeter than having your bestie stand up for you.

So, having a friend who protects you means you have found someone some people will never find in their life. With this friend by your side, you can be sure that you will never be alone.

This kind of friend would stop at nothing to help you. She will be like a sister to you.

8. She Just Loves You

The only reason your bestie goes to such lengths to make you happy is that she loves you. Nobody would accept you for who you are, be there for you, and encourage you to be all you can be if it were not for love.

Having such a friend is especially rare. So, make sure you let her know how special she is to you.