It is okay to be the weird black girl

October 2019

For years I have been the outcast, but not the outcast who just dressed differently or who listened to peculiar music, although I was guilty of that too. I was the little girl who was not “black enough”.

University Athletes: Are You Guys, Like, Okay?

October 2019

I’m going to engage in a good old fashioned trip down memory lane. Way back when we were still deeply uncool, nerdy, gangly university students. You know, when we thought we had life cracked in the first month and then events transpired to indicate how very much that was not the case.

You Are Not Responsible For Jealousy

October 2019

I’m going to level with you, dealing with success is hard. We all think that we’re on top of the world when things are going well for us, and that that’s that. Well, it’s not that simple.