How To Remove Lipstick From Fabric

Published in Feb 2021 / Updated in Mar 2021
how to remove lipstick from fabric

Without a doubt, lipstick can make you feel like a sexy goddess, but it is very unflattering when smudged on your clothes.

7 Self-Improvement Ideas For College Students

Published in Nov 2020 / Updated in Mar 2021
7 self-improvement ideas for college students

The meaning of self-improvement and personal growth can vary between different individuals. However, in general, it refers to the activities that help improve one’s awareness, build human capital, realize dreams, and develop intellectual capability.

What Causes “Imposter Syndrome”?

Published in Oct 2020 / Updated in Dec 2020
What Causes The Imposter Syndrome?

Upbringing, stereotypes, and culture can play a role in creating the imposter syndrome in people. These individuals believe that they have gotten as far as they have in life through luck.

Forms of Rudeness: 6 Types of Disrespect

Published in Oct 2020 / Updated in Mar 2021
Forms Of Rudeness: Types Of Disrespect

Rudeness is a behavior that goes beyond the parameters of normal and accepted behavior, which is why people who encounter rudeness feel disrespected. Folks have come to blows and held grudges over this kind of behavior, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of its forms.