12 Signs You Should Still Fight To Save Your Broken Relationship

12 Signs You Should Still Fight To Save Your Broken Relationship

Your relationship is not truly broken until you decide to give up fighting for it. Here are 12 signs that your broken relationship is still worth fighting for.

1. Despite the fight, you are still attracted to each other. For that reason, your relationship might still be worth fighting for. So, if you can still enjoy certain aspects of your relationship despite the disagreements, then your relationship is worth another chance.

2. Your relationship is worth fighting for if even though there is a lot of anger between the two of you, and you even feel like going at each other, you are still respectful of each other. More importantly, at the back of your mind, you know that this respect will still be there between the two of you. That is a good sign that your relationship is built to last and that it is worth fighting for.

3. You don't like the idea of being single and are not that keen on entering the dating world any longer. In your heart, you know that you have found the one.

4. You have had other fights before, and they got pretty intense but did not separate the two of you. There was always an attempt to reconcile and you ultimately apologized and cared for each other.

5. There has not been much joy in your life of late and that is why your relationship is broken. However, you can tell with certainty that your partner will always be your source of joy. So, if you have a partner who can make you smile and brighten your day, then the relationship you share is worth a little more effort.

6. You have a lot of options besides your partner, but you don't feel the desire to entertain any of them. In other words, other potential partners don't matter to you, and it's because you have unfinished business with your current partner and have not truly given up on them.

7. When other people try to flirt with you, you don't enjoy it. That is because there is only one person you would rather flirt with - your partner.

8. You cannot think of the future without thinking of your partner. So, you don't want a future where you have to be alone or with another person besides your partner.

9. Even though your relationship is a little strained, you still enjoy being in each other's company when out in public and talking with people. In other words, your partner is not someone you want to hide from the world. On the contrary, you want to be as close to this person as possible.

10. The idea that your partner could be with someone else actually makes you sick, even though you are not getting along as well as you used to. That means you are still very possessive of your partner, and that is because you still value them in a special way and want them in your life.

11. You like the familiarity that being in a relationship with your partner brings. In other words, you miss being around them, the way they act, their smell, and a lot of other things. This means that your partner is still a source of peace and comfort for you and that they offer the security and reassurance you seek out of a relationship.

12. Every time you spend time with your partner, you don't consider it a waste of your time, although spending time with other people sometimes feels so. You could abandon your job and spend the time relaxing with your partner and still consider it the best use of your time.