It's Said That There Are 5 Stages Couples Go Through In Love – Unfortunately, Many Break Up During Stage 3

It’s Said That There Are 5 Stages Couples Go Through In Love – Unfortunately Many Break Up During Stage 3

It is said that love makes the world go round, and it is a powerful force indeed. But while we are made to think that love makes everything easy, the reality is quite different. That is why it is truly magical that some couples have been together for decades.

That is usually the truest sign that true love brought them together because they choose love every time in the face of all the challenges.


Love has 5 stages, and here they are.

Stage 1. Honeymoon Stage

This is usually the most exciting stage of love, as both of you are drawn to each other and wishing you could spend every moment of your day together.

Each person seems perfect in the eyes of the other, and there is a rush of lovely hormones and beautiful emotions. At this stage, the couple is consumed with passion for each other, and few things can be as exciting – life feels like one endless beautiful story at this stage.


Stage 2. The Serious Stage

You are about four to five months into the relationship, and the times you spend out together are exciting. You walk hand in hand and cuddle often. There are kisses every night and your love life couldn't be more exciting. You have even moved in together or given the idea some serious thought.

Although the honeymoon phase is slowly getting behind you, you can now see beautiful glimpses of a future you will share.


Stage 3. The Mirror Stage

You are starting to wonder what you saw in the other person. You now see how lazy and annoying they are, and nothing they do seems to please you. Your ugly sides start to come to the surface. You fight over minor issues, and small mistakes are blown out of proportion. You even start giving some consideration to the idea of being single.

Many couples break things off at this stage. However, this stage helps both of you grow.


Stage 4. Acknowledging Own Mistakes

Many couples don't get this far. So, if you have, that's quite an achievement. In this stage, the war on stage three comes to an end, and you realize that you have flaws, just as your partner does.

After that, healing begins, and you begin to accept that you will make compromises for each other and be more compassionate towards each other to move forward.


Stage 5. Committing To A Life Together

In this stage, the excitement starts to come back into the relationship. If you are at this stage, you are best friends for sure, and you have found a lover and a partner for life. At this stage, you have understood each other and are willing to face any challenge that comes your way as a team.