Healthy Skin Care Habits

Healthy Skin Care Habits

Leaving the teen years behind and entering adulthood is a memorable phase of every person's life. The changes are not just environmental or mental, the significant changes occur in your body physically. Frequent breakouts, blemishes, acne, sun spots, and skin darkening are some of the common skin problems that you may encounter.

To your surprise, let me tell you, your skin starts aging as soon as you enter the age of 21. This fact applies to both men and women. The desire to look younger and beautiful forever later forces you to invest in numerous products that may or may not help you out then. These products are potentially stronger and have side effects varying from person to person.

Thus, the beginning of your adulthood is the correct time to start taking care of your skin. As you start early, you don't need to go for heavy chemical product routines; small steps are enough to help you out with your healthy skin conditions in the upcoming years.

Gentle Exfoliation Every Day:

You may not be aware of the fact that your skin produces and sheds around 40 million skin cells every day. Most of these skin cells get removed naturally, while others stick to your body. These skin cells pile up on your epidermis and create a barrier layer which is unhealthy, though. Your skin can't breathe properly due to the obstruction.

Thus, it is advised to exfoliate your skin almost regularly (you can do it on alternative days in case of sensitive skin). Exfoliation doesn't mean ruining your skin with harsh chemicals. Instead, use gentle natural products to keep your skin bright and glowing. Moreover, it contributes to maintaining a healthy complexion.

Utilize Sun Protection As A Way Of Life:

For years, the use of sun protection has been in contradiction. Most people have this wrong notion about sunscreens that they cause damage to your skin, whereas the fact is people who avoid sunscreens are probably more prone to skin issues.

The harmful sun rays penetrate your skin even on cloudy days.

Dermatologists around the world suggest the application of sunscreens regularly, even if you stay at home. So, never step out of your home without applying sunscreen next time. This practice is a must for your kids too. Their young skin is very sensitive to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Early precautions are better than treatments later.

Eat Healthy Food:

Beauty comes from within. Munching on junk and oily food often causes hormonal imbalance. Indigestion and unbalanced nutrition often lead to skin problems. Eating healthy food and increasing your water intake will surely prove beneficial. Green vegetables, fewer spices, and properly cooked food are all it takes to achieve that bright skin.

Your frequent water intake detoxifies your body and keeps it hydrated as well. Keeping an eye on your diet at an early age saves you from several other health issues.

Get Enough Sleep:

You must have heard about " beauty sleep." The saying is absolutely true. How? Well! There is a science behind this saying. When we sleep, our skin gets time to relax and work properly. It gets the required nutrients due to our relaxed muscles and proper blood flow.

This way, it produces and repairs new skin cells, which ultimately result in younger, brighter, and clearer skin complexion. Having a good seven to eight hours of sleep is enough to avoid skin brightening products.

Destress And Focus On Relaxation:

Your hustling everyday routine is always going to take a toll on your skin conditions. The stress at work and day-to-day juggling between life and desires worsen this condition.

Try and take out some me-time every day. A break from everything and ten minutes of meditation before bed or the first thing in the morning relaxes your mind and body. It prepares your mind for the struggles waiting for you afterward. You can also opt for morning walks in nature, gymming, yoga, or any other physical activity that works better for your relaxation.

Don't Smoke:

Smoking is injurious to health in plenty of ways. It not only damages your lungs and mouth but also reflects a lot on your skin. The smoke damages your skin tissues, and it starts appearing spotted and dark. Nicotine accelerates the aging process and results in early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

It prevents healthy blood flow that eventually results in insufficient delivery of nutrients to your skin formation cells. Dry skin, saggy eyes, and uneven skin pigmentation are some of the major side effects of smoking on your skin.

Moisturize Every Day:

Just like the nutrient supply from the inside, your skin also requires a barrier to retain its hydration from the outside.

Moisturizing your skin every day is the best way to prevent early signs of aging at bay. Many people think that oily skin doesn't require moisturizing, well, these notions are completely wrong. Even your oily skin requires healthy moisturizers that balance out your oil production and retain the hydration of your epidermis.

Moisturizers are now available for every skin type, including special ingredients that contribute to your skin health.

Consider Adding Vitamin C To Your Routine:

Vitamin c is one of the best skin cell boosters you can include in your diet naturally. Eating fruits and vegetables with vitamin c helps skin cells to rejuvenate instantly.

Applying face masks with Vitamin C as their prime ingredient result in glowing, clear, young, and bright skin. It fades away all the dark spots and helps your skin remain spotless and even-toned. You can even opt for a multivitamin supplement to fulfill all the nutritional requirements that you are lacking in your diet.

Choose Safer & Check The Expiration Date:

The skincare market is the biggest gamble for trades today.

A lot of companies have started to switch to sustainable, biodegradable, organic, and natural product manufacturing now, yet it's a profit-making business for many others. It's better to research well before investing in anything concerning your skin. Do not buy anything blinded by its marketing techniques.

Many products pose themselves as safe, but the truth is far from reality. Always look out for the expiration dates and check for allergens in the ingredients used. Do not fall for the cheaper prices that may eventually cost you later.

Take Probiotics & Improve Your Gut Health:

The next big step that can help you improve your skin and overall health is Probiotics. These supplements make your body function properly and digest your food correctly while extracting all the required nutrition from your food. It resolves the issues like bloating, constipation, loose stools, and heartburn. Thus, resulting in healthy and brighter skin naturally.