How to Lose Weight Fast

August 2019

Yes, the claims that you can lose weight fast are not a myth. And best of all, you don’t have to put your life at risk just to shed some pounds and attain your ideal weight.

Tongue Piercings: What You Might Not Know

August 2019

Piercings can make you look and feel cool. But the penalty for this beauty accessory is a bit of pain and some health risks. It takes a lot of guts to have a hole made in an organ with a lot of sensory glands.

5 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

August 2019

If you’re anything like me, getting ready for bed is a sacred ritual leading up to my favorite hobby – sleeping. Like most humans, sleep is super important to me and you definitely do not want to experience me when I don’t get enough.

Faking A Smile At Work Can Lead To Heavy Drinking, Says Study

July 2019

We love money because it makes life easy and fun. But to get money, you have to work. And to do your job properly, you have to follow some basic ground rules. For instance, you cannot wait on people with a gloomy face, even if you have serious personal issues weighing down on you.