Javan Michael

How to Get Any Job You Want?

Published in Apr 2021
how to get any job you want?

What is a career? It is nothing more than a successful trade of your workforce. If you understand the situation in a labor market, its laws, and methods of work, you will achieve success.

Top 7 Benefits of Foreplay

Published in Apr 2021

There are quite a few people out there who do not like foreplay. They might feel like it is a waste of time and energy. However, foreplay has a number of benefits that you should take into consideration.

Best Digital Tools to Secure Remote Workers Data

Published in Mar 2021
best digital tools to secure remote workers data

The rapid development of information technologies, which began in the early XXI century, contributed to their introduction into all spheres of human life and mass (often even uncontrolled) use, as well as the formation of single information and digital space.

4 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Published in Mar 2021
4 things you should never feed your dog

Every dog owner wants to ensure their pup is well-fed but giving them treats designed for humans isn’t always a safe option. In fact, there are a variety of foods that are fine for human consumption but can be toxic for dogs.