5 Common Text Messages From Guys And What They Mean

5 common text messages from guys and what they mean

Have you ever gotten a text from a guy and thought, "What does he mean?". You may have forwarded it to your friends to try and make sense of it. In the modern dating world, dating can get confusing. Most of it is carried out through text or messaging apps. Miscommunications can happen because of the lack of tone. It's harder when the guy you text isn't the strongest at writing. Luckily, we created it to help with understanding their habits and decoding their messages.

What He Sends and What He Means

He asks a lot of questions about you – When a guy starts asking you about what you do in your spare time, your favorite, or show, it can feel like an interrogation! Luckily, these texts mean he's actually interested in you.

He compliments you – Compliments are nice to receive. However, they can be a red flag. If from the moment you started talking to the guy, and all he does is compliment you every other sentence, it's not sincere. If the compliments happen during appropriate times and not too frequently, it's sincere.

He texts you goodnight and good morning – These texts undoubtedly make you feel special. It shows effort on his part and that he's thinking of you at this time.

He asks for nudes or videos – This doesn't necessarily mean he's a dog and you should ditch him. If you just started talking to him, then yes, definitely cut your losses. However, it's natural to want to get physical with the person you're talking to if it's been some time.

He asks about your plans or availability – When a guy asks about your schedule, he usually isn't doing it to make conversation. Generally, it means he's trying to figure out when you're available so he can ask you on a date or to hang out. Some guys will ask and hope you get the hint to invite him to see you.

He gives you the run around when you ask about your relationship – When you meet a guy and get to know him, you might feel a genuine connection to him. You may even want to take it further and become exclusive. However, if you text and ask him how he feels, he might get vague with you. Pay attention to how he treats you. If he's treating you as his girlfriend and you've entered an intimate relationship, chances are he's using you. If he's cautious on every step of the way, including intimacy, you might want to give him some more time.

He sends sweet or romantic texts – Pay attention to when he sends them. For example, if you just started texting him, that indicates a red flag. No one falls in love instantly. Alternatively, he might be desperate or insincere. If you've known him a while and developed a connection with him, it's natural and authentic.

He includes "lols" or "hahas'' in his text messages a lot – Men do this for a few reasons. First, they use it as a filler word to make the texts seem less blunt. Another reason is to make the text seem more casual. The last reason would be kind of like a nervous or awkward laugh if you were in person. When he doesn't know what to say or is uncomfortable, he'll use it.

Texting Habits of Guys

He sends one-word replies – If you constantly receive one-word replies where you have to carry conversations, chances are he isn't into you. When he one-word responds to you when he's busy or you just had an argument is normal.

He makes excuses not to see you – If you have never met him before and he makes excuses not to see you, it's a red flag. If you have met before and he doesn't want to meet up, he met someone else or lost interest. This only applies if he refuses EVERY time.

He takes a long time to reply – Don't worry right away. He could be busy at work or with an obligation. However, if he's always taking a long time when you know he doesn't have plans or work, he might not have as much interest in you.

He mainly texts you at night – Unless he has a very good reason, like he works most of the day and can only chat at night, chances are you're a booty call.

He seems cold and distant – There are dozens of reasons why a guy may seem distant. He could have problems going on in his life. He might have felt pressured for a commitment. He might have lost interest or found another woman.

He serial texts you if you don't respond immediately – This is a huge red flag and signals insecurity. Run and don't look back.

He stopped texting you completely – Ghosting sucks. Unfortunately, it happens often in the modern dating world. Usually, this means he lost interest or found someone else.

He texts selfies, memes, or gifs – If he's sending a selfie-and you two have established this as okay, he's probably seeking a confidence boost. When he sends memes or gifs, it might just mean he found something funny. However, if that's all how he communicates, then it might indicate immaturity.

He answers you immediately – Answering immediately isn't always a good thing. When you first start to get to know each other, it's normal and innocent. However, when you've been chatting for some time and he's always answering within seconds, it might indicate he doesn't have a life outside you or has obsessive tendencies.