YouTube, Twitch And OnlyFans Creators Are Seeing Their Audiences Grow As The Coronavirus Spreads

Youtube, Twitch And Onlyfans Creators Are Seeing Their Audiences Grow As The Coronavirus Spreads

Is anything more fun than being stuck at home all day for months with nothing else to do but play around on the internet?

If you had asked me that eight months ago, I feel like the answer might be slightly different from the one today… That said, things have picked up.

In fact, some people have made quite a living due to people being on the internet more. Yes, the high street and physical shops might have suffered - but other people got creative.

Boy, Did They!

This is particularly true for Jem Wolfie, an Australian influencer who has - brace yourself - over 2.7 million Instagram followers. That's a whole lot of zeros!

Furthermore, as is often the way now, she has diversified her brand into OnlyFans. For those that don't know what OnlyFans is, it is a service that, for a $10 monthly subscription fee, provides various forms of visual and video content tailored to people's individual desires.

Yes, that one.

According to Wolfie, who was speaking to Buzzfeed News, her subscriptions in the service have increased by 25% to over 25,000 new subscribers in a short period of time. She attributed this to the factor that more people are bored and waiting for content, as she claims to be posting the same amount of content as usual.

It doesn't take a huge leap of the imagination to connect the fact that coronavirus - particularly as it enters its second or third wave - is the common denominator here.

In fact, the rates of subscription increase seemed pitched to increase even more - it's not like we're going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, the longer we're here, the more bored we get, and the more of the internet we exhaust.

It's only natural that people look to different ways of entertaining themselves!

No Judgement Here, Please!

In her interview, Wolfie agreed that 'more people are bored being quarantined at home all day,' which is particularly true of this slightly fractured economic situation. While some people, like Wolfie, are making money, or at least saving on travel expenses, others have lost their jobs entirely.

Whole industries have died to make way for new emerging ones. It's a bit inconsistent, and that's all the more reason to marvel at Wolfie's impressive turnover.

In part, this is due to the increase in access to established modes of social media like Youtube and the integration of Twitch streamers. This helped to legitimize the process of streaming and get more people comfortable with it.

As a result, Twitch has emerged in the age of social distancing as a new mode of socializing. The CEO, Sara Clemens, commented that the company was facing much more attention and demand for 'large-scale events and experiences' which would otherwise have been canceled.

Twitchtracker suggests that more people have been on the platform in recent times. A spokesman revealed that between February and March, the average number of people watching feeds peaked.

It is thought that this value increase is 18%, which is extremely impressive by any standards.

Let Alone In A Global Pandemic

AngelMelly, a Twitch streamer, has noticed an increase in her 160,000 subscribers too. She said: 'we have to avoid large groups of people' but that her fans had banded together and formed communities.

Bajo, another Twitch streamer, agreed. He commented that, while 'not a massive uptick,' he had noticed more people staying on for longer. However, with a word of warning, he revealed that this didn't necessarily mean he was earning more money.

In fact, 'it might actually be a bit worse'.


Australian OnlyFans accounts (Aussieblair, Aimee Louise, and THEHONEYBADGERX) also agreed that 'people are looking for more to do online.' He has had 200 new subscribers.

The platform as a whole received 1.85 million additional subscribers and content creators since February. However, this increased competition had led to a shift in clients.

This is particularly, in the case of out of work sex workers in strip clubs.

Moving on, Nadia Bokody has seen her 226,000 subscribers increase in number and engagement metrics. More people are clicking with her channel's focus on relationship advice.

There's never been a better time to learn something new, after all!