Who Is "Right" The Logic Behind Open And Closed Minded People

Who Is “right” The Logic Behind Open And Closed Minded People

People are categorized into two broad categories based on their mental and emotional reactions to issues in life. These two categories are the open-minded and the closed-minded people. You can belong to either of these two categories depending on the way you approach issues in life.

A recent study tried to focus on the benefits of being open-minded and how it affects one's way of life. The study concluded that the level of openness one displays in life determines how well one would cope with life's issues. Most open-minded people experience an entirely different reality than other people.

Being open-minded is a natural ability and a trait that you can acquire from meeting and interacting with new people, keeping an open mind, and desiring to explore and share your views with others.

Open-minded people are very sociable

A study was carried out on the connection between being open-minded and sociable, and a total of one hundred and twenty-three participants from different backgrounds were observed. The study tried to observe their views and characters to test for five critical characters in them. The five personalities examined include neuroticism, diligence, friendliness, sociability, and the ability to accept new experiences with an open mind.

Those with occurrences of visual perception, also known as binocular rivalry, where different images are shown and both eyes were tested. The result indicated a green patch in one eye and a red spot on the other and most people switch between the two incompatible images.

This is because the brain can only process one image at a time. However, some people merge the two images into a combined patch of a red and green image. Those who viewed both spots as one scored higher on openness!

Open-minded people are more creative and ingenious

Open-minded people are more receptive to learning new ideas from other people. They form a new way of thinking in their minds, making them develop ideas that others probably have never thought about. Even better, they are not afraid of taking up new challenges or failing.

This finding corroborates with an earlier study done in 2015, which suggested open-mindedness could lead one to achieve great things and help one have peace of mind. It brings about a new and different structure and realism by bringing about new ideas that ordinary people won't decipher or perceive. In other words, it expands the world the individual lives in.

Open-mindedness is a character of most innovators as they question other people's ideas and try to create something unique.

Well then, are you open-minded or not? The answer you come up with determines if you need to work on yourself to become more approachable, agreeable, and fun to be around.