What Hardcore Video Game Players Are Doing To Earn Extra Cash This Summer?


Gaming is one of the top online entertainment activities among children, teenagers, and young adults. Today, online gaming platforms are reporting tens of thousands of members of all ages.

There is no doubt that players are dedicating more time than ever to gaming. Whether playing online or offline, players are benefiting greatly, whether they are aware or not.

Gaming for young children is improving hand-eye coordination, focus, and teamwork skills. Gaming for teenagers is improving decision-making, brain flexibility, and multi-tasking skills. Young adults, on the other hand, are building social, communication, and multi-tasking skills.


One particular benefit that was not previously mentioned is a money-making opportunity. Yes, players can earn money playing their favorite video games. If you are interested in following in these players' footprints, please read the content provided in the article below.

Complete Online Surveys

If your playtime is several hours, you should consider completing online surveys. Several online platforms allow gamers to fill out surveys for real cash. While you will not get rich filling out surveys, you can earn a little extra cash in your downtime.


From start to finish, players can fill in and submit surveys to earn a little cash. Each survey pays between $1 to $5, depending on the number and difficulty of questions.

Play Games For Gift Cards

Playing games is what some people live for, especially teenagers. When you are not matched betting, you can play games for gift cards. Do what you love while earning gift cards for the top e-commerce marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants. You can earn Amazon, Starbucks, and even Visa gift cards.


Earning free gift cards may not be as easy as you may at first believe. In fact, you will be expected to play games extensively in some cases. Your rewards will come in points, which can be applied to specific gift cards.

Extend Invitations To Friends And Family

Some gaming platforms offer players freebie opportunities. To earn these freebies, players must entice their friends, family members, and others to join the platform overseeing the process. You may be under the impression the enticement is easy in this case. But, in fact, it will be far from it, depending on the individual you are targeting.


Not everyone is keen on joining unfamiliar gaming platforms. And, this is not to mention, some people do not play videos. While it may be difficult to believe, gaming is not everyone's cup of team. Plus, some people do not trust promotional offers, even if the sender is someone they know. So, keep this in mind when sending out the invitations.

Enter Contests

As a hardcore video game player, it is obvious. You like to challenge yourself. If you ask hardcore players how they feel about challenges, they will instantly respond with "love them." Yes, nearly all video game players love challenges, which is why they are drawn to games with team competitions.


For some players, there is nothing more exhilarating than competing against the best players.

Entering contests is what some video game players live for. Did you know you can get paid for entering contests? Do what you enjoy while earning a little extra cash. Just imagine, the more contests you join, the more money you can make. Before you know it, there will be enough cash for a vacation, special gift, expensive name-brand pair of sneakers, down payment for a new vehicle, or an electric bike.


Whatever the case may be, if you are willing to dedicate some time to enter online contests, you can put a little extra case in your back pocket.

Go Shopping

While shopping is not always the video game player's favorite pastime. It is unfortunate, but some players believe shopping occupies precious time that could be dedicated to playing games. Suppose you can find it in yourself to do a bit of shopping in your downtime. This is not traditional shopping. This form of shopping pays shoppers to visit specific stores to fill orders.


You can also get paid for being a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers go through the process of visiting stores, shopping, and checking out. What makes mystery shopping so unique is participants actually get paid to shop. Shoppers rate their experience to earn money.