To The Best Friend I Ever Had, A Friend I Never Deserved, THANK YOU!

To The Best Friend I Ever Had, A Friend I Never Deserved, Thank You!

Let me get real for a moment. You know yourself, or better still, you know the place you occupy in my heart. I'll start by saying thank you. There is no better starting point, really.

Because of you, my life was filled with love and kindness. You made me feel I was worth something when I felt like a colossal waste of space.

I enjoyed your warmth and kindness. Although I did not show it, believe me, I felt it to the bone.


You have no idea how much you helped me

I could not have had it better. You helped me offload my many burdens, and you brought beauty into my messy life.

I honestly could never repay you for all the good things you have done for me. So, allow me to say thank you.

You were a guiding light when darkness was all around me. Thank you!

Damn! I've been through tough times. I remember feeling like there was no way out for me on countless occasions. Everyone seemed to desert me. And I got it, what had I to offer? Helpless as I was?


But while everyone was pulling away, you inched closer to tell me there was still hope. I'd never repay you for that. Only God can. The love and kindness in you are truly heavenly.

For being my biggest fan, thank you

I've been through moments when it felt like it was me against the world. But you were there cheering me on and making sure I believed in myself and kept moving forward.


I may not have always shown appreciation for your support, but know that it meant everything to me during these moments.

Because of you, I learned to let go, thank you!

Time was not always kind to us, but you were always good to me. You have been by my side as important relationships crashed and burned. You stuck with me. You never doubted my worth.


Above all, you taught me to follow my heart, and I learned to let go of what was never meant to be. I can never put a price on that.

For making me feel loved, thank you

Did I truly know true love before I met you? I don't think so. True love is a phrase I can now believe in, and it's all because I met you. You never gave up on me, even when I had given up on myself.


You never denied me your respect and loyalty, even when I deserved none of it. You always found the energy to be there for me and show me your love and commitment.

Because of that, I conquered many battles that would have messed up big time. I am eternally grateful.

You were a true friend, thank you

In life, we meet many people who turn into friends. But just a few become real friends. On this short list of unforgettable angels living among us, you tower well above the rest.


There is nothing your friendship towards me could not endure. Despite my many issues, recurrent problems, personal challenges, complicated relationships, and wayward ideologies and dreams, your devotion to me did not waver.

I am not capable of loving the way you do. You are truly a gift sent from above because you were more than I deserve.

Every day I lived with you as a friend was truly a blessing

I believe a day is coming. And when that day comes, I will try to be the friend you were to me to someone. Heck, I'll even settle for being half as good as you were to me.


As I sign off, I hope that you never lose that rare brand of friendship only you can offer. I can tell you for sure that you can never find that kind of friendship and love anywhere.

So, know that I am grateful we ever crossed paths and for a while made the journey of life as friends. I did not know how much I needed someone like you until we met.

Honestly, where would I be without you? The thought makes me even more thankful to you for forever being my friend. May you be forever blessed.