Stop Normalising Toxic Relationship Behaviours And Pretending That's Love

Stop Normalising Toxic Relationship Behaviours And Pretending That’s Love

Something disturbing seems to have become the norm and even desirable - toxic behavior in a relationship.

Judging by the 'couple goals' of today, people are making toxic relationships that are actually harmful appear normal.

These relationships have been given so much attention that it is now the new normal. People have become so used to it that it is seen as what we should all want.

The sad thing is, toxic relationships can destroy your life and leave you with emotional and lasting scars.

You should evaluate your own relationship and determine if it's really normal or if it's in fact, a toxic environment.

We'll look at the 5 most common toxic relationship behaviors. These have become normal but are destructive and harmful.


We are told that jealousy is healthy and shows that we love our partners, but is it really?

Sure, we all get that jealous feeling when the person we love chats to an attractive human, but how we deal with it is important.

As long as this jealousy doesn't happen all the time and becomes an obsessive thing, it should be okay. But if you get angry whenever your partner is nice to another girl or guy, things might be off.

If you're following them around, snooping in their stuff, and trying to hack their social media accounts, you have a real problem. That kind of behavior is not healthy or cute.

We all need some time to ourselves and giving your partner time away from you is good for your relationship. You should not be demanding to spend every waking minute together.

That is not affection or love - it is manipulation and possessiveness.

Emotional Blackmail

All relationships have times when those involved need to sit down and talk about the little things that may be wrong. With communication, everything can be smoothed out.

Sadly, some people would rather use the emotions of their partners and 'hold the relationship hostage'. Instead of talking about problems, they're throwing accusations and spiteful comments.

If you're using emotions to blackmail your partner into submission or doing what you want, you're not building on your relationship. You're actually breaking it and hurting your partner.

You should be sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner. If you can't do that without them making you feel bad for it, things are not as they should be.

Couples have to talk about everything, even the dark and negative things, without fear of emotional blackmail or manipulation.

Keeping Score

Having a relationship is not about keeping track of who was wrong and who was right.

If you or your partner wants to keep score of your relationship, it has become a competition. At this point, it's no longer a loving relationship but a way to see who can be right more than the other person.

Playing these 'tit-for-tat' games and getting even for losing an argument or fight is not going to help your relationship.

Your life will be full of bitterness if you have this toxic approach to relationships and love.

Passive Aggression

Clear and honest communication is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship. By dropping hints and not talking about things that bug you, you are suffocating your romance.

You need to be open to discussions if your partner doesn't feel happy about things. And your partner must be the same as you.

If you don't have clear communication lines, your relationship will not last and for as long as it does, no one will truly be happy or fulfilled.

The Blame Game

One of the most toxic behaviors in a relationship is playing the blame game. If you've had a bad day or week, there's no need to find reasons to blame your partner.

This will hurt them as well as your relationship. Blaming other people for how you feel and how life's treating you is childish and selfish.

Suppressed emotions are not a good thing either, so talk to someone and vent before you explode and ruin something that could have been beautiful.

Don't go around finding fault with your partner and making them feel guilty for how you are feeling.

If you have seen any of this behavior in your relationship, you need to sit down and think. Are you guilty of this behavior? Is your partner guilty? Just because you've exhibited toxic behavior does not mean you should just end your relationship.

Instead, talk to your partner and work on improving things. If you can't, then it's time to think about cutting ties and moving on.