Sisters – The Best Gifts We Ever Received!

Sisters – The Best Gifts We Ever Received!

Are you ready to be pulled down Memory Lane? It might bring some laughter, some pain, some tears whether joyful or sorrowful. But I hope you will have found a reason to smile after reading this.

Sisters, whether older or younger, are a blessing. They are the best gifts our parents could have ever given us. I have two (Smiles), so I can tell.

The ones who are always there

After mothers, the next best thing is sisters. When your chips are down, they have a way of coming through for you. I remember this time my younger sister got in a fix while we were in high school. The moment she saw me, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Even though we hadn't resolved the issue yet, just seeing me made her believe that everything was going to be alright. Her big sis was there after all. And as a proud big sis, I played my part.

The ones who serve as an example

Big sisters take the leap before us. Their leap could land them in trouble or could help set fine precedence for us. Whether she succeeds or not, her experience becomes either a warning example or one worthy of emulation. Also, our parents might get it right with us because they tried and failed with them.

The ones who stop us from making mistakes we would regret

Whether a sister is younger or older, she can stop you from making bad decisions. It might be a simple statement of advice or she could probably ask a thoughtful question that helps you reevaluate. Unlike brothers who prefer solutions, she gives you a listening ear which might be just what you need.

The ones who step down so we can step up

Sisters don't mind taking the fall for us. They let us have our way, sometimes to their detriment. They are self-sacrificing, always putting our needs before theirs. And when there's an opportunity you both covet, sisters are often more willing to give it up. Truly, they are the best gifts we ever received.

The ones who love unconditionally

Wherever you are, you can feel a sister's love. Even if you don't see each other for extended periods of time or have no means to talk regularly, you are always on her mind. And you can trust that when an opportunity opens up for a reunion, she's always there to plan your welcome. Even when you hurt her, she is willing to forgive and forget. You are her baby brother or baby sister after all.

Our shoulder to cry on

Have you ever experienced a breakup and you couldn't speak to your parents about it? Or any other heartbreaking situation? Often, sisters are the next point of contact because besides having probably experienced something similar, they are more likely to empathize and sympathize with you. She is there to wipe your tears and comfort you. You can be certain that she won't yell or smash you with what you could have done better or what you did wrong, at least not at the moment. She will be your shoulder to cry on and wouldn't mind you blowing out your nose on her blouse (Smiles).

Teach you to love and protect

Let's talk about this with regards to brothers. Boys will be boys, yes. But, they will turn men for their sisters no matter how little they are. Sisters foster in them the need to love and protect. They first learn how to treat a woman and how to understand her from their rapport with their sisters. So you should be thankful to your sisters for helping you develop some of your innate qualities.

Are you already recalling the roles your sister played in your life? You can share some with us. If there's any that you are especially thankful for, reach out to her to let her know you appreciated what she did, that you still do, and always will.