Research Suggests: Going For A Girls Night Out Twice A Week Is Healthy

Research Suggests: Going For A Girls Night Out Twice A Week Is Healthy

Girls just want to have fun, but they are too busy with careers, families, and other obligations. Having a drink or going shopping with your girlfriends surely feels good and on top of that, the research suggests that going for a girl's night out twice a week is healthy.

Female Friendships Support Your Physical Well-Being

According to Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford, socializing with a variety of people is extremely healthy. Dunbar says that widening your social connections network can be compared to quitting smoking in terms of health benefits.

This comes from the simple science of hormones that our bodies produce during human interactions. And while our children and partners induce certain types of emotions, the friendly connections work on others.

This diversity of hormonal experiences is what makes female friendships so valuable. What's more, a reasonable amount of gossiping is also just what the doctor ordered.

Gossip is a way to keep up with news and trends in the society around us. Having this information allows us to feel relevant and needed. As long as the gossip isn't hurting anyone - go ahead and chat away.

Girls Night Twice A Week

Twice a week is the suggested amount of time you should spend with your girls and it was calculated based on the average quantity of time spent with other people in our lives, such as family members or coworkers. Just as regularly planning a date night with your partner, fitting a couple of hours with girlfriends into your schedule should be a priority.

In fact, it does not even have to be the classic "night out". Grab a coffee, go for a jog, sign up for a yoga class, or run errands together - every minute with a friend counts, no matter how you spend it.

Having a few people in your life, who understand what you are dealing with daily is very important for your psychological health. An emotional outlet with friends we can trust helps us live longer and better lives.

Go Ahead And Call Your Girls

We all have stuff to take care of, but we also deserve a right to unwind with someone who needs a break as well. Call or text your girlfriends now to schedule the next outing and promise each other to make it a regular thing.

All kinds of relationships require proper maintenance to stay afloat, so make a first step and water the plant of your friendship as soon as you finish reading this sentence.