People In India Are Bathing In Cow Poo Claiming It "Cures" Coronavirus

You'd argue bathing in cow poo would be a sure-fire way to catch a disease, not fight one-off. But according to these Indians, it's the #1 way of getting immune to COVID-19.

I argued earlier that people creating stampedes over commodities like toilet rolls were pretty bonkers, but I take it all back.

I hope you can forgive me for jumping the gun.

Recent reports about cow sh*t baths in India suggest that some folks out there are definitely outdoing those who just want to keep their a** clean.

People In India Are Bathing In Cow Poo Claiming It 'cures' Coronavirus

In fact, these people (in southern India) are literally bathing in a pond filled with dung as they firmly believe it holds the cure to coronavirus.

Not only that, but these folks also claim the dung bath can boost your immune system.

New York Post recently shared a video of the scene. And you can see the dudes relishing in a cow dung bath.


You can even see them diving underneath and rising to the surface, just like bathing in a bath-tub or pool.

In the video, one of the men says:

"The whole world is terrified of the deadly virus outbreak. If we all started taking cow dung baths, we would attain immunity from the virus."

Could this be true? Probably not, but even if it were – you're just going to end up with a whole bunch of other infections.


This possibly means these Indians are onto something. After all, you can't catch coronavirus if you die of cholera first.

I guess that's worth the risk, especially when you look at how much fun they're having.

Just look at this shit-eating grin, literally:

I wonder how many of you would actually take cow sh*t baths if you knew for sure it could actually cure or prevent coronavirus.


I'm guessing the logic is that since cows are considered sacred in India, it means their poop must have healing properties. Just a thought!

Even if it were actually true, it would be a 'NO' from me. I would never advise bathing in one, that's for sure.

In another twist, another outlet reported that a Hindu group in India was hosting cow urine drinking party. The organizers claimed the urine would immunize them from the coronavirus.


According to sources, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (All India Hindu Union) hosted the party, and it catered around 200 people.