Pavel Kashin's Final Jump: How Parkour Daredevil Lost His Life

Pavel Kashin's Final Jump Killed Him

Pavel Kashin was a real parkour daredevil, and he lost his life after he lost his footing after doing a backflip on top of a 16-story building. This turned out to be Pavel Kashin's final jump, and it cost him his life.

Typically, parkour daredevils are always flirting with death. However, this time, Pavel's mistake proved fatal.

A friend was filming the Russian parkour artist as he was doing a stunt on top of a building, which is why the mistake that took his life was caught so clearly on camera.

The seemingly harmless photo of Pavel Kashin's final jump was taken moments before he fell to his death.

The Origin Of Parkour

Parkour is a word derived from the parcours, a French word that means 'route.' Basically, this is the art of moving from one point to another through obstacles by jumping and rolling.

The art has its origins in military obstacle training, and it has to be done without any safety equipment whatsoever.

Therefore, parkour is as much a physical challenge as it is a psychological challenge. The artists are constantly putting their health and their lives on the line.

Eventually, parkour drew fans who liked thrill and adventure. Today, parkour enthusiasts see themselves as a community.

One of the most prominent aspects of this sport is the possibility of making dangerous mistakes, such as what happened during Pavel Kashin's final jump.


At the time Pavel made the fatal mistake, he was already quite popular in the St. Petersburg parkour community. In fact, he was considered one of the best in the world for his incredible stunts.

On the internet, numerous videos demonstrate some of the heart-stopping stunts he has done.

The young man was popular for doing death-defying stunts. Fortunately, his agility helped him complete many of these dangerous challenges brilliantly.

How Pavel Kashin's Final Jump Happened

Pavel Kashin's Final Jump Killed Him

The now-famous and heartbreaking jump happened in July of 2013. Before the jump, Pavel was standing on a three-foot-wide ledge at the top of a tall apartment building. He wanted to do a backflip, but it turned out to be the last jump he ever did.

Pavel Kashin's final jump made him fall almost 200 feet to the ground. His fall on the hard pavement practically guaranteed his death.

He actually lost his footing after landing on the ledge, which made him plunge to his death. So, Pavel had completed the jump before disaster struck.

A day after his death, "Free Running Sweden," a group of Parkour artists posted on Facebook that the parkour world had Pavel in their thoughts.

According to his fans and other artists, Pavel Kashin's final jump was a "brave jump," although the rest of the world might see it as a tragic and avoidable mistake.


His Parent's Wanted People To Learn From The Photo Of Pavel Kashin's Final Jump

The photo of Pavel Kashin's final jump was widely circulated throughout the internet, and his parents were okay with that.

To his parents, the image could help serve as a warning to parkour artists that fatal mistakes are often just seconds from happening.

Many people have taken incredible and life-threatening risks in an effort to grow their parkour skills. Pavel's parents thought these risks should not be taken lightly, as they can lead to death, as was the case with their son.

In particular, Pavel's father hoped that information about what befell his son would help save someone's life.

Fortunately, not many deaths have been attributed to parkour. Still, some believe that people would rather claim they fell instead of admitting the accidents occurred during parkour.

After his death, Pavel was buried in St Petersburg. At the time of his death, he was only 22.

Even though Pavel lost his life in such a terrifying manner, that has not stopped many parkour artists who learned of his fate from continuing to do these risky stunts.

Those who manage to escape death often end up suffering from life-changing injuries.

People Have Been Known To Die While Practicing Parkour

Pavel Kashin's Final Jump Killed Him

Whether you think parkour is an art or a senseless way to tempt fate, the fact is that this sport is quite dangerous. Pavel Kashin's final jump, despite his immense skill, clearly demonstrated this.

So, it should hardly shock anyone to learn that Pavel is not the only way to lose his life to the sport, although he might be one of the most famous artists to perish while attempting a parkour stunt.

A simple mistake on the roof of a building is all it takes to plummet to a gruesome death, and Pavel Kashin's final jump clearly proves this fact.

The fact that Pavel lost his life despite having the reputation of being one of the best in the field goes to show that no one is immune to the deadly risks associated with the sport.

For instance, David Harrison also lost his life to parkour. He was even younger than Pavel because he was 20 when he perished.

Harrison's death was somewhat unusual as it resulted from him touching a power line while trying to walk on a power pole. He fell and touched the lines before he landed on the ground.

Although he was still alive soon after the fall, he died at the hospital while getting treatment. More than 80% of his body was burned.

Ray Conner also died while doing what he loved best at 23 years of age. He was found dead in Imperia, Italy. Before he was found dead, he had sent a picture of himself at the roof of a maritime museum.

Investigations showed that Conner misjudged a jump and fell through a plastic roof to the ground. However, he did not die soon after his fall, but he was not found soon enough to save his life.


There are also a couple of unnamed parkour artists who have died in similarly gruesome ways. For instance, a 24-year-old Russian woman died during her first parkour lesson after falling 17 stories to her death. Taking a beginner to the roof of a tall building for their first parkour lesson is a terrible idea.

In Turkey, a 17-year-old died after falling from a rooftop in Ankara, Turkey. This happened during a parkour show after the boy tripped.

In Madrid, another 17-year-old fell to his death from 11 floors at a construction site while doing parkour with a couple of friends. Even though paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident almost immediately, the impact of his fall killed him quickly.

As you can see, Pavel Kashin's final jump is hardly the only fatal last jump made in the sport.

How Not To Die From Parkour

Pavel Kashin's Final Jump Killed Him

There are a couple of ways to avoid dying from parkour, which is a real possibility, as demonstrated by Pavel Kashin's final jump. The first and most reliable way to prevent dying from parkour is to avoid the sport altogether.

However, if that's not an option, avoiding rooftops while doing parkour stunts is also a great way to avoid injury and death. Most deaths come about after people plummet to their deaths while jumping on top of buildings, which is how Pavel Kashin's final jump went down.

Obviously, this also means being comfortable with the fact that you will not gain a lot of notoriety or recognition in an industry that glorifies the most daring practitioners.

Finally, doing a lot of practice before trying any risky moves is very important. When practicing parkour moves, you should find a safe place to do it.

You also need to know yourself and your limits.

Not everybody can be a world-class parkour artist, and that's okay. In fact, even famous parkour artists of Pavel's caliber need to understand these limits. Pavel Kashin's final jump was his last, which is a deadly reality all parkour artists face.