My Parents Didn't Hand Me Everything And I Am Thankful For That

My Parents Didn’t Hand Me Everything And I Am Thankful For That

I've learned that depending on yourself to get the things you want in life is the best feeling. To not have to depend on anyone else to meet my daily needs is a great freeing feeling.

I was only 16 years when I realized that it was up to me to cover my daily expenses such as paying my gas bill, buying clothes, etc. I had to earn my own money instead of asking my parents for help. I learned that I needed a job to make all these things happen, that I couldn't rely on others to pay my way.

At first, I was mad at my parents for not paying my bills. I was enraged because, how was I going to keep up with my social life? I felt cheated that other parents were paying bills for their kids, but I had to work to get the money I needed.


Although I initially felt disappointed by my parents and felt hard done by, I realized I couldn't survive without paying my own bills. And I had to start sometime, may as well be now, that's when I applied for my first job.

I'm 21-years-old now and working part-time to pay for my college education. I'm grateful to my parents for not pampering me or giving me everything I needed while I was growing up.


I'm grateful because now I know how it feels to be proud of your accomplishments when you're young. I've learned that when you work to obtain the things you desire and get them all by yourself, it's a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

People also have respect for you when you're young and working earning your own living. And in turn, you'll learn to appreciate and respect yourself. When I look at what I've accomplished at my age, I'm very proud of myself.

I'm also thankful for I've learned to appreciate the small things other people do for me. When your family or friends don't give you the little things you need every day, you don't take these things for granted, you learn to appreciate the little things


I've thankful for I've learned to always show up for work, it's on me, if I don't show up, I don't get paid. I've learned to be independent.

I understand that sometimes I might get tired after working late, but I've to show up at my workplace the following day. I also have to attend my classes after a long day of work.


And some days I've to go without lunch or dinner. Even if other people don't understand my reasons, I don't need their validation for what I do. I work hard so I can pay my own way and enjoy the life I want to lead.

My parents have given me the most essential treasure money can't buy. They've helped me become an independent person.

They've helped me understand the struggles of life. Whenever I tumbled, they've always been ready to pick me up. They've taught me to be accountable for my own actions and to uphold a good work ethic. And this is something most people in my generation are lacking.

My parents gave me everything I needed, not what I wanted. I'm thankful for them.