Man Installs Electric Fence To Keep Children Out Of His Yard

Man Installs Electric Fence To Keep Children Out Of His Yard

Having kids come onto your property day in and day out can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands to solve the issue of what is essentially trespassing.

That is is exactly what one man from Virginia, USA, did to keep children off his property.

Bryan Tucker lives very close to a bus stop in Henrico County and has been dealing with kids walking over his lawn when they head to school and back.

He feels the children don't respect other people's land and that he is protecting himself and his property.

He added that the children also made a mess of his property, throwing trash there as they passed by.

An Electrifying Solution

man installs electric fence to keep children out of his yard

Bryan was tired and had decided enough is enough, so he installed an electric fence around his property.

Of course, the fence did not go unnoticed and neighbors started feeling concerned over the electric fence.

They feel that is a safety hazard and parents in the area feel that it's an insane measurement to take.

The Threat Of Injury

Neighbors like Wayne Milby - who is a parent - fears that children who pass by the fence might touch the fence and get hurt badly.

Fortunately, these parents don't have all that much to stress about. The shock that you get from an electric fence isn't necessarily harmful. It will be memorable though.

Most fences are powered by a high-voltage and low-amperage energizer. If children touch the fence, they will likely feel a 'short bite' rather than a continuous and constant shock.

On average, the shock from a standard fence is between 3 000 and 9 000 volts, compared to the 5 000 volts you'll feel when a doorknob's static shock 'bites' you.

Police Got Involved

Concerned neighbors didn't like the idea of the electric fence one bit and decided that it is enough of a hazard to call the police.

To make matters worse, Bryan didn't warn anyone that he was putting up an electric fence.

After getting complaints, the local law enforcement had no choice but to get involved. The police informed Bryan that his fence was installed on an easement, so it is not legal. It had to go.

However, the frustrated man can put up his electric fence again as long as he keeps it inside the boundaries of his property.

The fence has since been taken down and not installed again, with Bryan hoping that the neighborhood got the message.

He doesn't want to install the fence again.