How To Style A Festival Bodysuit: 5 Precious Tips

How To Style A Festival Bodysuit: 5 Precious Tips

If you've ever scrolled through just one festival photo gallery, you already know what a festival bodysuit looks like. These one-pieces are vividly printed, fit the body like a glove, and look stunningly sexy on all body shapes and sizes. What's more - they come in different designs and cuts you can choose from according to your preferences.

The best thing about festival bodysuits is that they are a ready-made styling alternative that requires minimum time and effort for extra outfitting. So, once your festival bodysuit arrives, you only have to go through a few steps before you storm in and steal the spotlight.


Below, you will find all you need to know about styling a bodysuit outfit worthy of the front pages of festival magazines.

#1 A Festival Bodysuit Is Just Enough

When everyday fashion is concerned, a bodysuit is hardly enough for proper outfitting. But festival fashion has too little to do with everyday fashion, and a glam-printed bodysuit is just enough to make you the star of the show.


Or else said - a one-piece festival bodysuit is an altogether complete festival outfit on its own. Every supplementary effort you put in is a matter of choice because jumping into the bodysuit itself will make you ready for the party.

#2 You Can Add Fishnets Or Tights

If you're looking for extra support and bonus style points, you can wear sexy fishnets or a pair of high-impact tights under your bodysuit. These can help you diversify the color palette of your outfit, feel more confident when dancing, or simply add a tailor-made final touch to your looks.


All you need to do is mind the design and try your fishnets or tights on before the event. Some high-waisted tights might not look good on cutout bodysuits, and choosing the wrong size can alter how the bodysuit fits. So, take those extra five minutes to secure your convenience and confidence.

#3 Choose The Right Pair Of Shoes

A printed festival bodysuit looks good with virtually all types of footwear, so your task would be only to round out the style you prefer.


1. For a more sporty and freestyle look, you can always go for a pair of flat sneakers or sports shoes.

2. For a more sexy and provocative look, you can wear high heels or platform boots.

3. And for the ultimate punk style, you can combine your bodysuit with a pair of combat, motor, or metal boots.

If you pick high heels or high platforms, a good tip would be to always have a plan B safely stacked in your festival backpack. Things can get pretty wild a few hours into the party, so you might want to exchange your jaw-dropping look for more ease and freedom of movement.


#4 Mind The Weather Forecast

Needless to say, a cutout festival bodysuit is the best fashion choice for the hottest days of summer. Anyway, it can prove insufficient if you plan to keep raving into the night. In these cases, it would be wise to take an extra layer of clothing - a hoodie, a vest, or a jacket - depending on the weather forecast for the event location.


In case the temperatures are about to drop to a significant degree, you can also consider buying a pair of printed leggings that match the upper half of your bodysuit. This way, you will ensure you feel snug and warm without harming your overall styling idea.

#5 Accessorize For Functionality And Style

Finally, a good festival outfit is all about the little details. A bodysuit outfit will look even more astonishing when supplemented with the right accessories, and some options you can regard include, for example:


1. A multipurpose bandana you can use as a neck gaiter, a hair accessory, or textile jewelry;

2. A protective face mask to keep you from wind, dust, and tiny particles;

3. Face jewelry, temporary tattoos, or removable body art;

4. Neon makeup, festival wigs, tiaras, etc.

When selecting the accessories, make sure you consider both the way you look and the way you feel. Because a rave festival is all about the experience - and experience is more about you than anyone else!