How A Narcissist Always Looks Like A Good Person

How A Narcissist Always Looks Like A Good Person

I was in a relationship with a narcissist for the longest time and I did not want to leave because he successfully manipulated me and everyone around us into thinking I was the problem.

A narcissist has a habit of creating a persona that people love and admire so it is very difficult for others to see the person that you see. The abuser, the manipulator. The narcissist makes you look like a crazy person to others. The narcissist will humiliate you and still end up looking like a great person while you, the compassionate one, always end up receiving the short end of the stick.

When a toxic person acts in a certain way that pushes you(the survivor) to react with heightened emotions! Everybody looks at you and believes you are the problem. A narcissist is a master in shifting the blame towards you. He blames you for all the things they did wrong.

You know who they are but you turn a blind eye. A narcissist has the type of charm or power or something that places them in a place where people simply adore them! They can do no wrong! Even after the manipulator has been identified as such and caught! People still look past it to perceive them as a great person while making excuses for their actions.

A narcissist is an abuser! The villain is very good at playing the victim. They are skilled liars who manipulate and deceive kind-hearted people. They claim to have been through so much and are heartbroken by several people, hurt and wounded. Yet they look like they have never been hurt or damaged while everyone around them bleeds to death.

They hide their bad behavior from friends and family. Their fan club admires them. In the eyes of their admirers, they are kind, nice, and are probably just going through a lot because of the pain you have "supposedly" caused them.

It is not enough to recognize a narcissist! You have to take action and leave that person! Make sure you do everything to let people see who they truly are. They are abusers and must be known as such.