Here's What Goes On Inside The Wicked Mind Of A Narcissist

Here’s What Goes On Inside The Wicked Mind Of A Narcissist

Just for fun, today let's pretend we want to see things from a narcissist's point of view. Our question would be, what goes on inside the mind of a narcissist?

First of all, understand that narcissism is a personality disorder. Clinically, it's called NPD, which is short for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Narcissists Constantly Need Validation And Admiration

They literally can't live without it. They will go to ridiculous lengths to get it by abusing and manipulating people.


But wouldn't this make them feel guilty?

Negative. A narcissist is not like you and me. They completely lack empathy, which is why they can do whatever horrible thing they can to you and move on with no guilt feelings.

They Also Love Themselves To Death

This will seem like extreme selfishness. They can destroy you at their own expense and then repay you for the sacrifice in insults.


The world revolves around them.

They think about themselves 24/7. Even when associating with other people, the goal is to gain something such as admiration, praise, or whatever else they need.

Sometimes, A Narcissist Can Give You Something You Want

But make no mistakes about it, it's always because they want something in return.


When you are down, they will make you feel better. But somewhere along the line, you will have to repay the favor. That's for sure.

Also, even as they try to make you feel good or help you, they will make sure you know how much they are helping you.

You will be forever grateful for everything they do for you because they always expect recognition for every small thing they do. And they enjoy reminding you about it whenever they get the chance as long as they are sure it will guilt you into doing something for them.


Narcissists Are Great Liars, And They Are Full Of Malice

They will lift you up just to bring you down.

They love to see people at their worst. It gives them great psychological satisfaction since it makes them feel better about themselves, and that's what they live for.

While most people know they are lying, narcissists, incredibly, don't.


They always believe they are telling the truth, even when telling the most obvious lies about themselves or others.

You Can Never Question A Narcissist

They won't stand for that one bit. Once you make it clear you don't trust them, they will turn against you and make sure you feel guilty for your mistake.


Another Thing, Your Needs Don't Matter

Unless a narcissist thinks catering to your needs will make you mind theirs, they couldn't care less about you.

They will expect you to help them the most even when you need them more.

But They Are Not Psychopaths

Although narcissists have no empathy or an understanding of it, it would be unfair to call them psychopaths.


They have feelings psychopaths don't have. For instance, they can be envious and anxious. In fact, they suffer from lots of insecurities, and they get depressed and frustrated.

But they would rather not deal with their insecurities.

Instead, they like to hide them as deep as they can and focus on taking advantage of other people's insecurities.

They are vicious predators, because they know how to push your buttons and make you dance to their tune.


In This Life, You Meet All Sorts

The day you meet a narcissist and they pull one of their sick tricks on you, don't take it personally. They are like that with everyone.

Otherwise, the moment you meet a narcissist, do the right thing and keep your distance. Their tendency to hurt other people knows no bounds. It will not matter if you are a brother or sister, child, friend, spouse, colleague, or whoever.


To narcissists, we are all just pawns in their big twisted game of manipulation. And there ain't a damn thing you can do to "fix" them. So, move along and you will save yourself from a world of pain and disappointments.