Dramatic Video Captures Car Flying 120ft After Crashing Into Parked Tow Truck Ramp


Disturbing video captures a shocking incident in Georgia where a driver crashed into a tow truck ramp at high speed, launching her car a staggering 120 feet through the air before colliding with another vehicle.

Recorded on a body camera worn by a Lowndes County Sheriff's deputy, the footage shows the incredible moment when the 21-year-old woman from Tallahassee sent her car flying before it violently crashed upon landing.

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On May 24th, a deputy was responding to a crash on the opposite side of the road when this astonishing incident occurred.

In the video, a red tow truck is stationary at the roadside, with a worker wearing a bright fluorescent jacket standing in front of it.

Out of nowhere, the motorist driving a gray vehicle approaches and forcefully collides with the back of the tow truck, causing damage to the car's bumper.

The impact launches the vehicle into the air, spinning it onto its side before seemingly hitting a black car traveling in the right-hand lane.

Upon witnessing the collision, the deputy swiftly rushed across the road to provide aid to the driver, simultaneously calling for additional help using his radio.

Following the incident near Valdosta last week, the driver was transported to the South Georgia Medical Center for medical care.

According to the incident report, although the woman survived the accident, she sustained serious injuries.

As a result of the crash, the deputy from Lowndes County was struck by debris and was also admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported.

ABC reports that authorities are eager to interview the woman regarding the cause of the crash. However, as of Wednesday (May 29th), she is unable to communicate due to her injuries.

Based on a police incident report, the car catapulted approximately 120 feet over the tow truck's ramp.

Currently, the cause of the crash remains undetermined, and it is uncertain whether the driver will face any charges.

Lieutenant Crystal Zion of the Georgia State Patrol emphasized the significance of Georgia's 'Move Over' Law in light of the incident.

Under this law, drivers are obligated to reduce their speed and change lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle, including a tow truck.

Zion emphasized to ABC: "It takes out the distractions of driving fast or phones or other people in the car. Basically, you know, when you see those lights to slow down, move over."