Cheer: What Does 'CCFC' Mean For Trinity Valley Cheerleaders?

Cheer: What Does 'ccfc' Mean For Trinity Valley Cheerleaders?

Curiosity is killing fans of Cheer after watching season 2 of the show. Cheerleaders from Trinity Valley Community College yelled the acronym "CCFC" repeatedly, which left many fans puzzled.

The acronym was even on coach Vontae's wall.

It turns out that finding out the meaning of these letters is not as easy as most fans would think. Someone even tried to reach out to Kyra Bell, a Trinity Valley cheerleader and asked what "CCFC" means.


All she could say was:

"I am so sorry but I can't tell you. CCFC is something that I've had the pleasure of earning but cannot share with anyone ever - not even with family or friends, I apologize!"

With that, it appears that no one is about to find out the meaning of the mysterious acronym any time soon.

The only way to find out the meaning of "CCFC" is to become part of the Trinity Valley cheerleading team, and even then, you won't have the liberty to share the secret with anyone else.


Typically, cheerleaders in any sport have chants and acronyms, some of which are superstitious, as a way to urge their teams to do their best.


Trinity Valley alumni are quite proud of the buzz the acronym has created. They used the "CCFC" acronym as a hashtag in many comments on social media.

From the look of things, TVCC has an inner circle that is a lot larger than most people imagine. It is also clear that none of them is willing to share the meaning of the acronym with the world.

There are certainly a lot of Cs in the acronym, and the chances of an outsider finding out what the four letters mean are pretty bad.


Even though nobody is closer to finding out what CCFC means, it seems that the acronym is working great for them.

New cast members were in the series, including big athletes like De'Vonte "Dee" Johnson and Angel Rice. They discussed their talents and shared their stories.

The Netflix show featured Navarro College in Trinity Valley in Athens, Texas, during the show's second season. The rivalry between Navarro and Trinity Valley made the second season of Cheer so much more interesting than the first season ever was.


Netflix has not said anything about renewing the series for a third season. Nonetheless, fans of the show can't wait to see more of Cheer in the future.