Bumfights Creator Pulls Prank On Dr. Phil By Dressing Like Him

A guy who got kicked off Dr. Phil's show decided to make a bold statement by showing up on set dressed exactly like him. This happened because Dr. Phil called him out for taking advantage of others, and he wanted to show that the TV host was doing the same thing.

Dr. Phil's show attracts all kinds of people who come to him for advice. Some say he's like a tamer version of Maury for our generation.

This particular episode, which aired a while back, has gained popularity on the internet and is now circulating on meme pages, becoming a classic meme sensation once again.

Before you watch the video, Dr. Phil starts by warning viewers to be careful because what they're about to see might be unsettling or disturbing.

After the warning, Dr. Phil goes on to play a video clip that shows people fighting in the streets. There's this one guy who takes it to the extreme by organizing fights between homeless individuals and recording them for a TV show.

The footage reveals him encouraging homeless people to engage in unsettling and disturbing acts.

In these fights, things can get really violent, and the participants are doing it for a measly amount of money, sometimes as little as $20.

The guy behind it all tries to justify his actions by saying he's actually helping the homeless people, but it's a claim that raises a lot of questions and concerns.

Just before the disturbing incident, he mentioned that he was scouting for "talent" on the streets. Then, shockingly, he pressures an addict to pull out one of his teeth while recording it.

It's hard to miss his recognizable features, like his signature mustache and haircut, which make him stand out.

After a series of unsettling incidents, the video switches back to Dr. Phil's set where we spot the guest sitting there, dressed exactly like Dr. Phil himself. It's almost like a mirror image, complete with the famous mustache and hairstyle.

At this point, something dramatic happens. Dr. Phil walks up to his chair, but instead of engaging with the man, he chooses to stay silent, refusing to say a word.

The guest, known as 'Ty,' couldn't help but wonder why Dr. Phil was silent.

Ty said, "If you think I exploit people, every time you bring a guest on this show you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the rest of this world. Do you think that's helping them?"

Rather than addressing the accusation, Dr. Phil responds by saying, "Yeah, keep telling yourself that, you can go."

The audience erupts into applause while people come up on stage to escort him out.

"I'm not finished talking here," the man protested.

Dr. Phil explains that he didn't feel like he could engage in a "serious dialogue" with the man, and he believed that having a dialogue with him would be an insult to both his own and his viewers' intelligence.

As the man leaves backstage, he can be seen shaking his fists at the camera and making faces, clearly expressing his frustration.

The video can be watched below.

The video left many viewers wondering why the man was invited on the show in the first place if Dr. Phil had no intention of engaging in a conversation with him.

Some users speculated that the show might have invited the man to create a sensationalized moment, suggesting that Dr. Phil was being hypocritical by giving such content a platform and then choosing not to engage with it.

Meanwhile, there were others who labeled the whole situation as "despicable" and expressed their strong disapproval of everyone involved.

Many others believed that this entire scenario was a deliberate setup, suggesting that Dr. Phil and his producers were aware that the man had spent a considerable amount of time backstage during the preparation period, intentionally resembling the host.