7 Awesome Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

7 awesome party themes your guests will love

Hosting and entertaining people in your home is typically a fun thing to do. It's a great way to chat and catch up with friends and family, and everyone gets to share a laugh.

With that said, a great party doesn't just magically come together - it takes thought and planning by the host. If you've felt like your parties and get-togethers have fallen short as of late and want to ensure that this next gathering is a huge success, then you may want to consider choosing a party theme.

A party theme is a great way to shake things up, add interest to the gathering, and also provide you with that anchor that pulls all the planning and details together.

Here's a look at seven awesome party themes that all your guests are sure to love.

Bite-Sized Dinner

Are you planning to serve your guests a meal? If so, why not opt for an amusing take on food and go with all bite-sized items. You can get creative with the menu, and it's something that your guests won't be expecting. Bite-sized items are also very easy to eat and create more of a casual vibe, perfect for a laid-back party.

Some menu options that are perfect as bite-sized portions include:

Sliders (miniature hamburgers)

Small pizzas (made on tortilla chips)

Devilled eggs

Miniature kebabs

Meatballs (make sure there is a tasty sauce to serve with them)

Meatball sliders

Bacon-wrapped scallops

You can search online for a variety of bite-sized food ideas.

Beach Party

Just because you may not live close to a beach doesn't mean you can't host a beach party. This is the ultimate summer party theme and can be done indoors or in your garden – whichever you prefer. Again, this is ideal for hosting a more casual gathering where you want guests just to relax and have a great time.

Some of the essentials in hosting a beach party include traditional beach décors such as beach balls, beach umbrellas, beach towels, sand pails, and shovels. You could even gift your guests with inexpensive flip-flops and oversized beach hats as they arrive. Be sure to tell them about the beach theme so they can dress the part in their favorite beach or resort wear.

Wine and Cheese Gathering

Perhaps you like the idea of a more elegant and sophisticated theme for your party. If that's the case, then a wine and cheese evening/gathering could be perfect. You can go all out in choosing fabulous vintages and artisan quality cheese. Keep in mind part of pulling off this theme has to do with presentation.

You'll want to think about how you will display and serve the various wines and cheeses. Guests need to be able to pick what interests them best, and variety helps to add to the elegance. If you want to dress up a cheese board or tray, you can add dried fruit, grapes, jams and jellies, crackers, artisan bread, olives, and nuts. As far as pairings go, your local wine store can help you with ideas, or you can do a little research online.

Casino Night

While casino night tends to be a more common party theme, there is a good reason for that. This one is often a huge crowd pleaser as it offers up something for everyone. You can transform your home or just one room into a casino going all out with décor, snacks, beverages, music, and of course, the casino games.

Some party rental shops rent out casino game tables, so you don't have to purchase everything. This is a great way to add authenticity to the theme. If you'd rather skip the tables and that fuss, then you can all test your luck and skills with the many online casinos.

Check out sites such as for reviews of the top casino sites. On you'll find details of the latest casino bonuses, their ratings, and more. This will help you choose a suitable site to play on.

Murder Mystery Evening

If your guests are the type who love to have fun, welcome unusual ideas, and aren't afraid to use their imagination, then a murder mystery evening is the perfect party theme. This is the kind of theme people will be talking about for months and even years to come.

The simplest way to go about this theme is to purchase a murder mystery board game or game pack. This will come with everything you need to set up the game and pull it off. Some even come with costumes and accessories.

Taco Tuesday – On a Weekend

Who doesn't love tacos? It's truly a crowd-pleaser and something that all ages can appreciate. A taco Tuesday party is perfect for mixed-aged gatherings. Maybe you have kids and adults coming over, and you're trying to think of a meal to serve that is low fuss yet tasty. Setting up a taco bar is the perfect way to go.

Essentials to include at the taco bar are:

Soft and hard taco shells

Ground and seasoned meat

Grated cheese (you can pick a couple of types)

Shredded or finely chopped lettuce

Diced bell peppers

Sliced jalapenos

Sour cream

Taco sauce



Diced tomatoes

Sliced onions


Refried beans

You can then take the theme further and deck out the house in Mexican décor and have some authentic Mexican music playing in the background. This is a great way to pay homage to the culture.

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Now, if tacos aren't your vibe, but you like the idea of everyone making their meal and being able to customize their options, then you can set up a pizza bar. Again, it's a matter of setting out all the toppings and then having some personal-sized pizza doughs all rolled out and ready to be dressed.

This one will take a bit more work as you'll need to cook each of the pizzas, but it can work for a smaller gathering.

Fabulous Themes to Work With

No matter which of the themes you pick on this list, you are sure to give your guests a fabulous time.