6 Signs You're The Crazy Girl

Perhaps you've always thought of yourself as a well-adjusted individual, until your ex-boyfriend accused you of being "crazy". But what if he was actually right? Here are some signs that may confirm his suspicions:

1. You Always Find Something To Bitch About When Everything Is Actually Awesome

It can be frustrating to deal with someone who constantly focuses on the negative, even when everything seems to be going well. It's important to learn to relax, relate, release, and recognize that things are actually okay.


2. The Moment He Doesn't Respond To Your Text Or Call Right Away, You Go Into Obsession Mode

Take a deep breath, girlfriend! Don't lose your mind over a delayed text or call from your boyfriend. It's not the end of the world. You don't need to talk to yourself and worry about what you might have done wrong for those agonizing five minutes. Just relax and give him some space.


3. You Are The Queen B Of Accusations

It's important to remember that if your partner wants to spend some extra time with their friends, it doesn't necessarily mean they are avoiding you. It might just be their way of indicating they need some personal space, which is perfectly normal and acceptable in any relationship.

4. Your Insecurity Is Exhausting

You might struggle with some insecurity issues, but it's not healthy to constantly compare yourself to your boyfriend's ex. It's time to let go of that habit.


5. Miss Misery

The saying "misery loves company" comes to mind when thinking about your behavior. Despite having a loving family, great friends, and a significant other who cares for you, you still manage to find ways to be unhappy. This negative attitude can be unappealing to those around you, so it's worth considering how it affects your relationships.

6. You're A Social Media Stalker

Why bother being in a relationship if you can't trust your partner? If you're the kind of girl who keeps checking your guy's Facebook page and his friends' pages multiple times a day, you're displaying stage-five clinger behavior. It's best not to be like that.


7. Drama Drama Drama

If you're constantly seeking out drama and arguments, you may not even realize it. It's time to take a good look in the mirror and acknowledge that you might be the source of the problem. There's no need to live for the thrill of confrontation.