Zozo Demon: The Creepy Story Behind The Ouija Board Spirit

Zozo Demon: The Ouija Board Ghost

Do you think that simply being mindful of something eerie may bring it into reality? If yes, then meeting the Ouija board Zozo demon will give you the shivers. Zozo is an old, strange monster with hazy roots that talks with humans via Ouija board, as per internet folklore.

His favored method of communicating is via the planchette. However, he is also claimed to be capable of making horrific noises, destroying stuff, and causing fear in those who summon him.

Whenever the craggy ancient ghostwrites out his identity, Z-O-Z-O, you'll realize you've aroused him. So, do you want to know more about the Zozo demon? Read ahead!

Who Is Zozo Demon?

Zozo Demon

Zozo was first mentioned on the web in a blog published by a former Ouija fan Darren Evans on a public platform in 2009.

On an internet discussion board, Evans described how his Ouija board went crazy. It oscillated between the "Z" and the "O," feverishly spelling: Z-O-Z-O-Z-O.

Zozo demon claimed it had come to accompany Evans' family to heaven. When Evans inquired about "paradise," the plastic arrow or the planchette moved once again. It slowly wrote out the letters "H-E-L-L."

He further said that Zozo screamed curses in a language that Evans mistook for Hebrew or Latin. Evans then ran into the restroom, where his partner was bathing their daughter. However, his partner was not in the bathroom.

His child was drowning in the brimming tub. Evans could save her at that moment. However, Evans believed that the Zozo demon was blamed for his child's subsequent hospitalization due to an unexplained infection.

It seems just like a horror movie, and it very well could be. Evans could've made everything up. However, there's a reason his story has gone viral: he's not exclusively the one who alleges to have been tormented by the Zozo demon.

Hundreds of people have shared their traumatic experiences.

Zozo Demon: A Cult Phenomenon

Zozo Demon: The Ouija Board Ghost

Since then, it has grown in popularity among horror fans on Reddit and has also been given its segment of Ghost Adventures on the renowned The Travel Channel.

In the segment, Evans and a paranormal team return to the haunted site, his former house in Oklahoma. In this house, his family was tortured by the Zozo demon.

This resulted in them moving as his daughter purportedly went briefly blind following an encounter with the ghost. Today, Zozo has grown into a legendary internet sensation. Even now, rumors of Zozo conjurings abound on Ouija boards flow.

YouTube clips showcasing Zozo stories still manage to garner millions of views. The narrative behind Zozo is still a mystery, and the paranormal activity is unproven. Yet, online users are glad to continue to keep the legend "alive" - particularly during Halloween.

Indeed, the incident got so well-known that I Am Zozo, a horror movie about the Zozo monster, was produced in 2012.

Zozo Demon: The Creepy History Of The Ouija Board Spirit

The storylines about the Zozo demon are all very much the same. Somebody will sit to play with an Ouija board – or something that looks like one. At times, folks will encounter the demon while using an Ouija app.

Even sketching a homemade board on a scrap of paper might be enough. They initially believe they are conversing with the ghost of a deceased relative. They'll inquire, and they will be surprised by how much "the ghost" appears to remember about their cherished one's life.

Then, unprecedentedly, arrows will begin to oscillate between "Z" and "O." That's when the troubles start. The Ouija will shout profanities and blasphemy and threaten to send the person's firstborn child to damnation.

"My nephew started running around the house screaming ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO!! And we frantically made him stop," commented one lady.

"The next morning, my nephew wakes me up, and as we're waking up, he asks if we can go get breakfast, so I put him in the car and pull out the driveway; not 2 minutes later, a car runs a stop sign and slams into us."

Zozo Demon: Real-World Explanation

Zozo Demon

There may be a more grounded rationale behind the Zozo demon. We can understand it with The Philip Experiment. Here, psychologists examined if people may interact with the supernatural using simple human will or persuasion in 1972.

The researchers created a fictional character titled Philip Aylesford. Then, they told a set of individuals to hold a séance to invoke his spirit. The others began to believe that they were able to sense Philip's essence.

Zozo Demon: The Creepy Story Behind The Ouija Board Spirit

They detected knocking noises coming from the tabletop, felt it tremble, and observed it even tip up onto two legs. They were confident that they had conversed with Philip's spirit and that he was the one who responded to their inquiries.

They had no idea that Philip was a fictitious character created by the scientists. The scientists came to the following conclusion. The human brain can, with a bit of imagination and persuasion, generate ghosts of its own.

As a result, an Ouija board is built to play illusions on us by using a mechanism known as the Ideomotor Effect. We don't realize it, but our muscles produce minute, subconscious motions.

So, when we detect those movements alter the lightweight plastic piece on the board, we believe it's paranormal. All of this adds up to our ability to terrify ourselves into thinking in the supernatural.

Final Thoughts

Zozo Demon: The Ouija Board Ghost

You can watch I Am Zozo online if you enjoy getting spooked. If you have already got your Ouija board out, note that pulling the planchette to "Goodbye" will terminate the session. So, if it gets too frightening, you can try that.

However, if Evan's testimony is believed, the Zozo demon isn't very polite with greetings and wishes. Are you nervously switching on lights and peering over your shoulder? Then, you may completely escape this evil creature by ignoring the Ouija board.

After all, it appears to be his only means of communicating with the living. Zozo is an internet sensation. We don't know how credible his story is. However, he sure manages to scare a lot of people even through the stories that circulate.