Zoo Issues Apology For Reaction To Orangutan Tossing Possum From Tree House

Perth Zoo has said sorry for their initial response to a video showing one of their orangutans tossing a possum from its treehouse.

If you've been online lately, you might have come across a video where an orangutan throws a possum from its treehouse while zoo visitors watch in shock.

If you haven't seen it, there's a video out there that shows an orangutan tossing the possum off its treehouse. It's a clear demonstration that possums can't fly and that orangutans can be quite heartless sometimes.


Witnesses mentioned that they observed the orangutan fling the possum 'like a frisbee.' Perth Zoo later confirmed that despite the forceful ejection from the treehouse, the possum was surprisingly healthy.

According to the zoo, the possum probably sought the warmth of the orangutan's cozy nest during cooler weather, but it seems the orangutan had no interest in having a roommate.


Perth Zoo's spokesperson initially referred to possums as 'a very robust species,' but they had to apologize afterward for labeling the possum as a 'pest.'

They stated that 'it's impossible to completely eradicate all pests' and sometimes 'orangutans themselves evict the occasional possum.' This statement received criticism.

Many people were upset with the zoo's description of the orangutan's possum-throwing as 'nature playing out.' Some called it 'disgusting,' while others questioned how a zoo that's supposed to protect all animals could say such things.


One person found it 'unbelievable' and believed the zoo 'needs more education on how to address a non-native species harming a native one.'


Others were displeased with the possum being labeled as a 'pest,' and Perth Zoo has now issued an apology to clarify their earlier statement about the possum.

They stated: "While they do pose a management challenge for us on site because of their large numbers, our outdoor environment, abundance of food and bedding, it is not appropriate to refer to them as a 'pest' in the same way we would consider introduced black rats as a pest."


"This was not our intent."

The common brushtail possum is a protected species in Australia, facing habitat loss over the years, despite their impressive ability to thrive in urban settings.

As for orangutans, they've solidified their reputation as the mischievous characters of the zoo, particularly after one was discovered smoking in its enclosure last year.