Zoo Confirms That The Jaguar Who Attacked A Woman Trying To Take A Selfie With Her Won't Be Put Down

Even after a gorilla was killed for attacking a 4-year-old boy in a zoo a couple of years back, people didn't learn the lesson.

A woman has recently been attacked by a jaguar in an Arizona zoo while trying to take a selfie. The zoo confirmed that the jaguar would not be put down.

The woman reportedly crossed over a barrier to get close to the jaguar cage at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona to take a selfie with the wild cat.


Being too close to the animal, the jaguar reached out to her and grabbed her arm with its craws. The woman suffered deep scratches, and she was rushed to the hospital.

After the incident, the story went viral, with people wondering what will happen to the cat. The zoo confirmed that the jaguar that attacked the woman would not be put down. It was the woman's fault to cross the barriers.