Zelina Vega Launching OnlyFans Account Was Last Straw For WWE

Zelina Vega Launching OnlyFans Account Was Last Straw For WWE

Rising WWE star Zelina Vega fired for breaching a new policy that bans performers from using third-party online platforms such as OnlyFans, Twitch and Cameo to supplement income.

Vega, whose real name is Thea Megan Trinidad, went in direct breach of the rules by launching an OnlyFans page.

For $30 a month, fans can interact with Vega on her account. Vega's page also features exclusive videos and photos of her in cosplays, lingerie, and swimsuits.

Zelina Vega Launching OnlyFans Account Was Last Straw For WWE

However, her side-hustle angered CEO Vince McMahon, causing the organization to release her from her contract.

McMahon, who brought in the new policy, had threatened WWE stars with fines, suspension, or outright dismissal if they fail to comply.

After the company discovered her OnlyFans page, Vega became the first casualty.

As unpopular as this new policy is, Vega's dismissal serves as a sobering reminder that WWE will strictly enforce the new rule.

Vega initially appeared to show no 'bad blood' against the organization following her dismissal.

She tweeted:

"I want to say thank you all very much for the last 3-4 years @WWEUniverse. It was incredible."

"I would have never have been able to say 'this is for you, dad' if certain people did not believe in me. And I love you all, and I couldn't have done it without your support."

However, in a separate Twitch stream later, Vega called her firing the 'worst day of her life' and 'literal hell.' She also warned fans about misinformation circulating on social media.

As per Fightful, she said:

"The past week has been hell. Literal hell. Friday was the worst day of my life, well, since 2001."

"When you hear about me in the social media world, sometimes misinformation can be spread."

"It's important for me to get you guys to know me. I was someone who let people walk all over me. But I was very insecure, and I didn't stand up for myself."

"Looking at social media, I expected the absolute worst. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought people were going to look at me like the devil."

She added:

"Let's just say that the narrative has been spun completely out of control and is completely wrong."

"When people see the real story that I put out, that's who I am."

"I've learned to grow as a person. I've known to realize my worth and stand up for who I am, and also appreciate the things I've gotten along the way."

Vega is also an active streamer on Twitch and multiple other WWE stars, including AJ Styles and Cesaro.

Zelina Vega Launching OnlyFans Account Was Last Straw For WWE

WWE performers are independent contractors. However, the new policy prevents them from earning income for their talent through any other online third-party stream.

If a performer wishes to remain on sites like Twitch, they must share their account with WWE. This will, in turn, restrict their earnings.

For WWE, this is a chance to monetize the streaming world and profit off WWE stars.

But for Vega, it's infringing upon their ability to make money on a platform built outside WWE.

Vega began her career in NXT as a manager for Andrade. She then married WWE's Aleister Black, whose real name is Tom Budgen.