YouTuber Who Kissed His Own ‘Sister’ Appears To Kiss His Mom In New Video

A YouTube prankster who snogged his sister grosses the internet further by kissing his mom.

Chris Monroe recently horrified the internet when he shared a video of himself kissing a woman he claimed was his sister.

youtuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

And many people were left reeling after watching the disgusting clip.

But it seems Monroe didn't give netizens much time to recover because he's back again with an even more cringe-worthy video where he kisses his mom.

Yes, his MOTHER!

youtuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

Monroe, who is based in California and goes by PrankInvasion online, dubbed the new video 'Kissing My Actual Mom Prank.'

In the first few minutes of the clip, the controversial internet star secretly stalks his mother in the family home.

He films her covertly as she does the dishes in the kitchen while promising his viewers he's 'going to top' his last viral hit.

Monroe says:

In this video, we're gonna top my kissing my sister prank video. I'm gonna kiss my mom.

It feels so weird to say that, but it's going down.

youtuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

He adds that he's rushing to film the clip because his mother has 'an emergency' and will be out of town.

So, instead of waiting for her to come back, he was keen to share the video as soon as possible.

While groaning in apparent horror over what he is about to do, he concludes:

We are going to challenge my mom to a quick game for a quick kiss.

Before going in for the kiss with his mom, Monroe also explains that the video is 'spur of the moment.' So he's filming on his iPhone rather than his usual camera.

Then, the YouTuber rushes to complete his prank, even after the woman yells at him that she doesn't want to do it.

After much begging, the mom agrees.

The pair then play rock-paper-scissors to decide if Monroe will win and get a kiss from his mom.

He loses the first round but insists they 'try again.'

And this time, Monroe wins the game, meaning he'll get to kiss his mother.

He says:

Alright, how are we going to angle this?

Here we go. Oh my god, I need a blindfold or something.

His mother then puckers her lips and squints her eyes as Monroe moves in and kisses her.

youtuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

After the brief kiss, the two pull away from each other and start shouting and laughing.

Monroe says:

Oh my god. What does that feel like for you as my mom kissing your son?

While the mom responds:

I feel like you're two years old.

The bizarre clip ends as Monroe faces the camera and says:

I've got to go wash my mouth right now.

It's not clear whether the woman in the video is actually his relative or someone he had hired. After all, the whole thing is just a 'prank.'