YouTuber Promises Free Nudes To Anyone Who Votes For Biden

YouTuber Promises Free Nudes To Anyone Votes For Biden

On 3 November 2020, the United States will be voting in the 59th quadrennial presidential election.

Already plagued by a number of disastrous events, this year's election may provide interesting developments to unfold.

To add even more to the interest, a YouTuber is offering free nudes to anyone who votes for Joe Biden. While it may be a sleazy attempt to gain followers, her motivation is to fight for change.

However, her actions cost her credibility on the social media platform that has since demonetized her account.

Perhaps for the better, since it is illegal to buy votes by any means or exchange.

Booty Forbidden

The YouTuber in question, Tana Mongeau, is also an Instagram influencer with 5.2 million followers.

She is perhaps best known as the ex-wife of YouTuber Jake Paul and for promoting her music on Spotify. Using the hashtag #Bootyforbidden, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a very revealing bikini.

In the caption, she wrote that she would send free nudes to anyone who could send her proof that they voted for Biden. The 22-year-old internet personality continued promoting her scheme, adding pictures of herself half-naked with Biden's face edited over her own. Naturally, Tana will only be allowed to share these nudes on her OnlyFans account.

Since the start of her campaign, Tana has received innumerable responses. She later posted a follow-up on Instagram boasting of how successful her plan was.

She stated that the number of messages she received broke her account. Tana added that she loves seeing so many people who need change as badly as she does.

She also told her fans that they don't need her booty to know what is right for America. However, one might question if it was worth it if she will have to pay a fine or serve time.

According to electoral code, her actions can be considered illegal.

What Does The Law Say?

youtuber promises free nudes to anyone who votes for biden

According to Cornell University, Mongeau could either pay a hefty fine or serve time in jail, or even both. By the decree of the electoral code, it is illegal to offer any form of bribe to get votes for a candidate in an election.

This includes the exchange of nude pictures. In fact, it is clearly stated in the United States Code 597.

It indicates in clarity that anyone who solicits an exchange or accepts such exchange can be fined or imprisoned. It also states that bribery to withhold their vote or vote for a specific candidate is deemed illegal.

Other Celebs Also Weighed In

Tana does not seem to be the only person who doesn't know or understand the law.

Another YouTuber, David Dobrik, stated on Twitter that he would give away five Tesla cars for free. He offered the giveaway to anyone who registered to vote in the upcoming elections.

Kylie Jenner, the famous socialite, also urged people to vote by posing in her bikini on Instagram.

Voting registrations surged by 1500% in the wake of her post. She captioned it by asking her many fans if they registered, and implored them to get together to vote.

Now, if only politicians could be as successful, elections would undergo incredible change.