YouTube Star Logan Paul Vows To Prove Earth Is Flat By Visiting Antarctica

The flat earth debate has been going on for a while now. Some ridiculous and hilarious memes are circulating to keep the conversation going. Until now, few have attempted to go out of their way to prove their idiotic flat earth believe.

One particular flat earther, Logan Paul, has taken it upon himself to show how wrong round earth theorists are by visiting Antarctica.

There’s a mountain of evidence that the earth is round. Yet, there are still people like Logan Paul, who stubbornly insist that the earth is flat.

YouTube Star Logan Paul Vows To Prove Earth Is Flat By Visiting Antarctica

The YouTuber will visit Antarctica and chronicle the adventure under the title “The Flat Earth: To the Edge and Back”.

Logan made the comments while talking to Robbie Davidson. Davidson is the founder of the Flat Earth International Conference. He went on to say he was not ashamed to believe that the earth is flat. He added that he is finally happy to come out of the closet and defend his position.

He wants to be a flat-earther who does not face the stigma of people who hold this point of view. In other words, he has had enough of what flat earthers have to put up with.

He argues that some of the most popular scientists today cannot explain some basic concepts like gravity. And so, who is he not to keep an open mind and set out on a journey. A journey to prove that his flat earth belief is true after all.

So, in complete disregard for scientific proof that the earth is round based on satellite photos, he wants to visit Antarctica. There he will find an ice wall and render obsolete mountains of scientific evidence showing that the earth is round.

Logan has made headlines before. In the past, he has been criticized for making an offensive video at the Suicide Forest. The forest is found at the base of Mount Fiji in Japan.