YouTube Star Adalia Roe Dies Aged 15

Youtube Star Adalia Roe Dies Aged 15

The YouTube Star, Adalia Rose, has passed away. Her family shared this heartbreaking news on social media. They wrote on Instagram:

"January 12, 2022 at 7pm Adalia Rose Williams was set free from this world."

As much as they wished that this wasn't their reality, unfortunately, it was. They went on to talk about how beautifully she lived and what they believe she is doing now. The family also asked for time to mourn in private.


According to The Independent, Adalia was diagnosed with an early aging disorder, Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, at three months old. This condition causes an individual to age faster than average.

The media calls it the unofficial name, "Benjamin Button Syndrome," named after the short story and movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

According to WebMD, most kids with this disease do not live past age 13.


Worldwide, this condition affects about 500 children, reports The Sun.

To help others understand this rare condition and how she manages to live with it, Adalia created a YouTube channel that amassed over 2.9 million subscribers.


Like every teenage girl with a YouTube channel, she also shared bits about other aspects of her life, including vacation vlogs and makeup tutorials.

In 2019, when Adalia's mom Natalie Pallante spoke to the New Zealand Herald, she said:

"Adalia has changed my life completely, it's not like I was hateful, but I wasn't nice to myself. I wasn't thankful. I didn't realize what life was until she was born."


We hope Adalia's death doesn't take her back to those less meaningful times but that it inspires her to fight and be strong like Adalia.

Fans and supporters have been sharing their condolences and memories of the 15-year-old since they heard of this sad news.


Desi Perkins, a fellow YouTuber, wrote:

"My heart breaks to hear this. I was lucky to have met her and to see how amazing she was. She touched so many people with her amazing energy. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Rest in paradise, angel."

Another social media star Natalie Alzate wrote:

"She was pure light and joy. I still remember the first time she came up to me and called my name, her little eyes twinkled. I loved her energy and sass all at once."


Many others had sweet things to say, including the social media influencer Kandee Johnson who wrote:

"Adalia's heart, her spunky outlook, her hilarious personality. I feel honored to know her in life, and I know she's probably dancing in heaven! My heart is wrapping around all of you, her family."

We hope Adalia's family, friends, and fans find comfort from expected and unexpected places.