You're This "Game Of Thrones" Villain According To Your Zodiac Sign

You’re This “game Of Thrones” Villain According To Your Zodiac Sign

Oh boy! Game of Thrones was just the bomb, and many diehard fans have been mourning and lamenting the end to this epic show since its last hair-raising episode.

But It's Time To Cheer Up

There are other ways to keep the adrenaline rush this drama series gave us going. For instance, have you ever considered the villain you would be in this show based on your zodiac sign?

Throughout the show's eight seasons, there were many evil characters in the series doing despicable things right in front of our dazed eyes, and many devoted fans of the show know them all by name.

Based on the atrocities these characters committed, we can easily predict which GoT villain fits which zodiac sign.

Check this out.

Aries: Cersei Lannister

As an Aries, you feel that you were born to lead, and that comes with a confidence that comes off as arrogance. Also, you are always confrontational because you insist on your own way. These qualities perfectly describe Cersei Lannister, who hardly ever thinks before acting, and is incredibly stubborn, selfish, and cruel.

Taurus: Euron Greyjoy

There is nothing inherently villainous about a Taurus; you guys are down-to-earth and generous. You are, however, also lazy and stubborn, and quite materialistic. Your ability to completely ignore other people's feelings is also legendary, and your possessiveness and jealousy sometimes knows no bounds, which makes Euron Greyjoy the Taurus GoT villain.

Gemini: Gregor Clegane

Decision-making and consistency is a problem for you Gemini folk, and that makes it hard for you to have leadership abilities. This is a perfect description for Ser Gregor Clegane, who you might also know as The Mountain. He is happy to do what Cersei tells him, and couldn't care less about making his own decisions.

Cancer: Ser Meryn Trant

It's easy to remember Ser Meryn Trant. He was the knight that protected Joffrey Baratheon in his evil deeds. But that was not all: he also did pretty disgusting evils himself. That's probably because he is a Cancer, and therefore a pessimist at heart. Do you ever remember Ser Meryn Trant smiling? Me neither.

Leo: Ramsay Bolton

You Leos love all the attention to be on you, and that comes with a towering ego which Ramsay undoubtedly had. He was impossible to dissuade from what he set his mind to, and he was also jealous and impatient, which made him an even worse villain.

Virgo: Tywin Lannister

You Virgos have brains, and you love perfection. You are also practical and analytical and are usually critical of others if they cannot live up to your standards. In short, you guys can be very judgmental, which perfectly describes Tywin Lannister, an evil and yet smart leader who could go to cruel extremes in pursuit of perfectionism.

Libra: Walder Frey

Indecisive, detached, and unreliable, Libras have many traits seen in the evil character, Walder Frey. Need I say more?

Scorpio: The Night King

The Night King has some positive traits such as focus and bravery. With your sharp intuition, being a Scorpio makes you capable of making great decisions. However, you are also secretive and manipulative, which perfectly describes Night King, whose origins are never clear.

Sagittarius: Joffrey Baratheon

You probably hate to hear this, but as a Sagittarius, you are a lot more like Joffrey Baratheon. You are straightforward and lacking intact.

Capricorn: Littlefinger

As a Capricorn, you are smart, ambitious, and full of discipline. You also know what you want and usually take calculated steps. This describes Littlefinger. But you can sometimes get stubborn and pessimistic.

Aquarius: Melisandre

You like your independence and are full of intelligence and intuition, which is why you can tell what will happen pretty accurately. This describes Melisandre. Also, you can get very unpredictable and detached, and extremism is never off-limits for you.

Pisces: Maester Qyburn

Pisces are usually peaceful, and that makes it hard to portray them as villains. However, despite being idealistic and emotional, you can be pessimistic, which is why Maester Qyburn would be you in the GoT show if you are a Pisces.

Not satisfied with the villainous Game of Thrones character assigned to your zodiac sign? Welcome to the club. But remember, this is not personal, this list makes us all look bad.