You're The Man Who Made It Easy For Me To Open My Heart Again, Thank You!

You’re The Man Who Made It Easy For Me To Open My Heart Again, Thank You!

You are heaven-sent, though I doubt you know it. Thank you for all you have done for me.

It's truly charming that you have no idea how amazing you are. The world is fortunate to have you. Before I met you, I'd have never believed that someone like you existed in this world.

You are truly a dream come true. You were a fantasy before I met you, and you turned a hopeless situation into a life full of promise.

For years, the word love was synonymous with pain. I only read and heard of how true love can be amazing if you find the right person.

But my reality told a different story. All around me were dysfunctional relationships, miserable couples, and broken hearts. Because of that, my hopes of being in a healthy and loving relationship faded.

And reality proved me right because all my relationships were difficult. It was a real struggle trying to make it work with different men. But the gaping void of insecurity within me did not go away. I was in relationships but still lonely, sad, and insecure.

I did not realize that it was not their place to make me whole again. So I struggled and struggled, and it got worse and worse until I hit rock bottom.

I felt like a failure, an embarrassment to everyone who knew me, and even myself. I was worthless in my sight, and many people seemed to see me in the same light.

But there was a flame of hope still burning inside me. It was faint, but it was there. I started to focus more on it, not knowing where it would lead me.

I did not find true love, no. But I didn't seem to mind as much as I previously did. But as I grew in strength, I knew I still longed for someone to call my own.

Life was not an adventure I wanted to explore on my own. My soul needed its mate.

So, as soon I was strong enough, I gave it another try. I felt I was ready for love, however elusive it had been to me all my life. I was still skeptical, but I also knew I had to try. There was no other way.

Then you came into my life.

The cloud of despair and anxiety that hung over my romantic prospects slowly dissipated.

There was no dishonesty in you. You were simple, pure and refreshing.

I was getting excited, and I was also struggling as hard as I could not look like I was. The past had taught me painful lessons, and I did not want to raise my hopes and then have them crushed in an instant.

But this felt different, and I knew from deep down it was.

This was a chance of a lifetime, and I would not let it slip between my fingers.

The universe had finally responded to my deep need for companionship. Everything was magical, and I felt the wounds from long ago heal effortlessly within me.

I found a deep strength within me I never knew I had.

To this day, you seem too good to be true, and yet you are still the realest thing that has ever happened to me.

Because of you, I feel happiness from within. You challenge and excite me. You restored my faith and gave me hope. I have never been this excited about my dreams and my future.

You freed my heart from the shackles that weighed on it through your effortless love and care.

I want you for myself, and what melts my heart is the undeniable assurance that you want that too.