You're Going To Regret Losing A Girl Who Tried So Hard For You

You’re Going To Regret Losing A Girl Who Tried So Hard For You

She gave you affection, support, understanding, and protection without asking anything in return. She believed unconditional love is a standard quality that every person should possess. She thought that she didn't have to beg for your affection and love.

But her desires were just imaginations. She always begged you for attention and love as if it was something that was hard to give.

Or maybe love was something hard for you to give? Did you ever have feelings for her? So, stop trying to win her back when she's with someone better than you. Don't ruin her real love dreams and desires.

You probably know that you're incapable of giving her what she always craves. Unconditional love is what she needs. She deserves to be with a caring man who understands and treasures her feelings.

She should be with a person who will make her happy by loving her the way she deserves. Let her live with the one who knows what a girl needs. She needs to feel that she's worthy and good enough for her man.

You will cross paths, but she will not notice you. Because she's looking at someone else who makes her laugh, smile, and she feels calmer than she has ever been before. She sounds and looks familiar to you. But if you observe her carefully, you will understand how much she has changed.

What changed is how she used to look at you. Yesterday she was looking at you with admiration, but now she only admires herself. That girl you thought wasn't worthy and always craved for you doesn't do that anymore. You're realizing she even looks prettier than before.

Can you notice the shine in her eyes and a bright smile when she's looking at him? She used to give you the same looks, and you know that. And she would still be doing the same, were it not for you missing every chance you had to be together.

Stop blaming her for letting you go because it doesn't make her real. She had a loving heart to withstand how you treated her for so long.

Don't ruin her day when you meet her on the streets. She will remember everything she had to endure so that she could be with you. She'll realize she's still in love with you, but walking away was better than staying with a person who will always hurt her.

You didn't treasure her. You only gave her tears and agony. Her heart wanted to stay in love with you, but you didn't let her.

Every attempt of her kissing you ended up failing. You offered the cheek instead of lips. She wanted you to kiss her when no one was around, but you didn't. She also feared that if she tried to hold your hand, you would draw it away from her. She lived hoping things would get better, but it only got worse.

She admired you, but now all she wants is to stay as far away from you as possible. Because she knows that if you come close to her, she can't resist you.

So, let her be since when you had a chance, you did nothing to make her stay. Let her live with someone who knows how to cherish her.