You're Feeling Me? Cut The Vibes And Let Me Know Then

You're Feeling Me? Cut The Vibes And Let Me Know Then

Vibes are pretty cool, especially when a guy steps up and confirms that he's totally into me. It kills the mood and fun of it all when I have to guess what I'm sensing. Guys, it's not okay to keep a woman guessing. Your job is to be upfront about what it is you want. If you're attracted to me, the least you can do is let me know about it. Otherwise, your feelings of attraction won't be much help to either of us.

Do whatever it takes to win me over

A man who's ready to cross valleys, climb mountains and kill a beast just for me knows my worth. Okay, maybe I went too far with that last one. The point is, the determination in a man is sexy. He should know that he wants me and shouldn't mind making effort to win me over.

Share plans

Knowing that a man loves me isn't quite enough. I need to know what his intentions are. Does he want to commit or is he just playing games? He needs to tell me how he really feels. If he's a really shy guy, he has to open up eventually. There's nothing as bad and embarrassing as when a woman is interested in a guy, but he sees her as a sister. Be a man who is straight up with his plans and intentions.

Don't expect me to read your mind

I might be good at interacting with people, but if I see a guy smiling and winking at me, I don't rush to conclude that he's into me. There could be a hidden agenda in his behavior. When a guy tells me that he's been vibing me for quite some time, I give him a look. So? You should have taken a step and told me how you feel from day one. It's called being an adult.

Give peace of mind

The last thing I want is to get a headache trying to figure out if a guy loves me or not or if he's really serious about me. I can't waste my time waiting for him to return my text or open up to me. I simply tell him what I think. If he's not ready to be a man, well, I walk away. It's as simple as that.

Making a move shows seriousness

Let me make it clear before I can go any further: it's not a guarantee that all guys that are upfront with you won't play with your feelings. The good news is, such instances are quite rare. Guys who open up are great at pursuing women and stick by them no matter what, even when she makes it a bit hard for him. This leads me to my next point...

I need a guy who's ready to chase me

I love the thrill that comes with having a guy who's persistent even when I say no. He has to hold on a bit longer and press on even when I'm pretending not to be interested. Hey, it isn't childish. It's simply testing how far he's ready to go for me and if his words of 'I love you' aren't just mere words.