Your Sitting Position Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Your Sitting Position Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Communication consists not only of words or verbal language. In fact, our facial expressions, tone of voice, pitch, and most of all, our body language tell a whole lot more than we reveal through the spoken word. That is why we need to be adept or aware of the nuances and subtleties of communication through body language.

We need to focus not just on words. More importantly, we can decipher what a person is thinking and feeling through the movements of the body. The way you sit reveals some aspects of your personality you may be conscious of or unaware of. Body language can reveal a lot about someone's confidence or discomfort in a certain situation or setting. It can give you a hint of whether or not someone is genuine or pretending. They will also alert you if you have the undivided interest of a person.

For people who may not have an idea about this insight into personality and behavior, this guide will give you some perspective and inform you about who you are.

Sitting Position A

your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality

This sitting position shows a person's lower extremities (thighs and legs) apart with the toes directed inwards the person's space. Generally, this type of person is good-natured, light-hearted, full of joy, and optimism. They find it easy to be comfortable with who they are and their surroundings, appearing without any care about the world's troubles or people's biases and harsh opinions. They are the "live and let live" type of people.

Sitting Position B

your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality

The cross-legged sitting position shows a person's thigh and a leg on top of the other and dangling some inches above the floor, while the other foot is firmly flat on or toes raised up from the floor. The other leg is used as the main support for the body's sitting position and posture. People who usually sit this way are dreamers. They are original thinkers, visionaries, and artists. Their ideas are usually not mainstream, for they tend to think outside of the box.

Also, they cannot seem to stay or linger in one place or type of environment They are very imaginative and need inspiration and stimulation from new places and with new people. These people are also social butterflies and have an animal-like magnetism.

Sitting Position C

your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality

Sitting Position C is done with the lower extremities (thighs and legs) directed outwards the person's space. The heels of both feet pointing inwards or placed near one another, while the toes are both pointing outwards. This kind of person finds order and purpose in the chaos and tumult. They derive pleasure and excitement from unplanned or spur of the moment adventures. It is hard for them to stay focused and follow the structure of clear-cut directions. They cannot seem to thrive in rule-bound surroundings or situations, easily getting bored and finding too much authority too restricting. They focus more on spontaneity and will rebel from too much interference.

Sitting Position D

your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality

This kind of sitting position shows a lot of intellectual prowess or promise. They are very stable and appear content with their own company. They keep a lot to themselves and rarely voice their opinions, especially if unsolicited. Logic and efficiency rather than emotions and spontaneity rule their affairs.

What sets them apart is their inclination for organization, neatness, and genuine openness and solicitude in their interactions and relationships with people. They consider petty arguments and needless chatter a waste of time and energy, but will not think twice or waver in the face of blatant abuse or wrongdoing.

A person sitting with thighs and legs evenly or proportionately placed apart with feet relaxed and planted comfortably but firmly on the ground characterizes this position.

Sitting Position E

your sitting position reveals a lot about your personality

If you are privy to angling or setting one leg on the side with the other lower extremity propped on it, you sit using position E. The lower extremity's toes angled on the side are usually a little bit raised for support, while the other foot relaxes.

You believe in timing and a proper way of doing things. Marked with ambition, goals, and determination, you usually aim for the top regarding work and social life. You love to study and learn new things with education being a top priority because you believe in the value of knowledge and enjoy the process of learning.