Your Rick And Morty Character According To Your Zodiac Sign

I know it has been a fun and wild ride watching Rick and Morty, which is why the popular sci-fi series remains in the minds of many fans around the world.

For those of us who are willing to look at the show from another angle, let’s entertain the idea that each of us would perfectly take on the role of a particular Rick and Morty character.

Based on your zodiac sign, what character do you think you would be?

Let’s find out. 

1. Aries – Summer Smith

You are big softies and usually the eager crybabies of the zodiac. You can’t hold anything in, which is exactly what Summer Smith does. She is also eager to put herself out there and learn more about herself by inviting herself to adventures with her grandfather.

2. Taurus – Beth Smith

Beth always feels like she could have done better in life despite having a stable job. She also has a superiority complex, a touch of arrogance, and a taste for finer things in life. But ultimately, all she desires is peace of mind, which makes her a classic Taurus.

3. Gemini – Mr. Poppybutthole

Unflattering, I know. But this is nothing personal, Geminis are a lot like kids in that they can be incredibly possessive and inquisitive. Although Mr. Poopybutthole is fun and exciting, with a lot of thrilling quirks, he’s also mysterious.

4. Cancer – Scary Terry

The empathy, compassion and love in Scary Terry all point to the fact that he is a Cancer. His loyalty to his family stands out, as is his commitment. He is also quite accepting of new friends. Even as a monster, these dazzling qualities shine through.

5. Leo – Squanchy

Leos enjoy being noticed, recognized, praised and having their presence acknowledged: whatever it takes. Squancy perfectly fits the bill considering how much he enjoys saying his name. But he is also fearfully loyal, such as when he risks his life to protect his friend in “The Wedding Squancers.” Sure, Leos can appear intimidating and evil at first, but beneath these layers, you will realize just how generous they can be.

6. Virgo – Mr. Meeseeks

Virgos love to help, we’ll give them that, until they disappear on you. They are so obsessed with meeting deadlines that they will freak out and stop everything when it’s not working out. Mr. Meeseeks is a lot like this.

7. Libra – Morty Smith

Morty Smith is always scared, but he is sweet and will often go to extreme lengths for others. Rick takes Morty wherever he desires, whether he likes it or not. Finally, he snaps in season 3. But his desire to accommodate everyone gets him into problems every time as people continuously try to take advantage of him. His needs get ignored as well. In short, he is all Libra. 

8. Scorpio – Unity

If there’s a star sign that will want to find out what the cause of the problem was, it is a Scorpio. They do this to attain unity. They can even lose themselves trying to figure others out, as with Unity as she tries to keep up with Rick in “Auto Erotic Assimilation.” Scorpios also value intimacy and vulnerability, just like Unity.

9. Sagittarius – Rick Sanchez

Sags are often called the “clowns” of the zodiac. They want adventure and are hilarious and are usually telling jokes or giving lectures. That makes Rick the perfect Sagittarius.

10. Capricorn – Tammy Guetermann

With her unswerving focus and willingness to roll up her sleeves and work, Tammy has to be a Capricorn. These guys have big dreams, and they believe hard work is what will make them come true. They also party as hard as they work. And let’s face it, Tammy is quite the party animal.

11. Aquarius – Jerry Smith

An Aquarius values appreciation for who they are and not who they can be. Jerry is a hopeless romantic on some level, and like a true Aquarius, she can’t help but get attracted to the wrong partners.

12. Pisces – Birdperson

Pisces are imaginative and dreamy, which are all traits we see in Birdperson. She is lovable but absent-minded and eccentric. And that, folks, is why we think she’s a Pisces. 

Not happy with your Rick and Morty character? Not to worry, we’re sure you are better than this breakdown suggests. Definitely better.