Your Personality According To The Celtic Zodiac

Your Personality According To The Celtic Zodiac

The Celtic Zodiac is one of the oldest astrology systems in the world and it's highly based in nature. There are Celtic Animal Signs and Celtic Tree Signs. Are you ready to learn what they have to say about you?

The Stag - The Birch Tree/The Achiever (Dec 24 - Jan 20)

People born under The Stag Celtic sign are natural leaders, persistent and patient in life. Celtic astrology also says that people born with the Birch Tree influence are highly motivated and driven. You are also tolerant and resilient, witty, and quick to drive crowds to you.

The Cat - The Rowan/ The Thinker (Jan 21 - Feb 17)

Cats or Rowans are intelligent and intuitive. They are very witty but can also be quite reserved or seen as cold. If you're a Cat, you're an idealist with a visionary mind.

The Snake - Ash/The Enchanter (Feb 18 - Mar 17)

Snakes or The Enchanters are usually communicative and passionate. They are often valued for their wisdom but they can also be seen as unpredictable. If you are born under the influence of Ash, you are imaginative and creative, with a free mind.

The Fox - Alder/The Trailblazer (Mar 18 - Apr 14)

Foxes are energetic, funny, and likable, as well as adventurous. If you are Fox or Alder, you are passionate and willing to go far for your passions. A natural leader, you work well with different personalities, and you are very confident. You don't like superficial things, fluff, or wasting time.

The Bull - Willow/The Observer (Apr 15 - May 12)

As the Bull or The Willow, you are highly creative and intuitive. You are also organized, although people can see you as too stubborn or highly emotional. You are patient and intelligent, full of potential. However, you may also hold yourself back out of fear of appearing too self-indulgent.

The Seahorse - Hawthorn/The Illusionist (May 13 - Jun 9)

People born as a Seahorse or Hawthorn sign are imaginative and intelligent, quick to adapt to any new situation. However, they prefer to be alone. They are curious and interested in many different things. They love humor and irony too.

The Wren - Oak/The Stabilizer (Jun 10 - Jul 7)

Wrens are naturally charming and easy to be around. They are caretakers that can also be easily distracted. They like to give voice to the underdogs and are very helpful. Oaks live a long, happy life with huge families and they like having a lot of friends.

The Horse - Holly/The Ruler (Jul 7 - Aug 4)

The Horse in Celtic astrology is seen as loyal, passionate, and strong. However, you might also be a bit dramatic and headstrong. You are a natural leader and people look up to you. In addition, you are kind, affectionate and intelligent.

Salmon - Hazel/The Knower (Aug 5 - Sep 1)

The Salmon sign loves to have fun. They are very intuitive, although sometimes emotional and easily distracted. If you are born under the influence of the Hazel, you are naturally gifted for learning. You are organized and efficient. You need order and you like things a certain way.

The Swan - The Vine/The Equalizer (Sep 2 - Sep 29)

People born under the Swan sign and the influence of the vine are graceful and honorable, even if a bit reserved and secretive at times. Their personality is unpredictable, but they have a taste for the finer things in life. People admire your poise and style.

The Butterfly - Ivy/The Survivor (Sep 30 - Oct 27)

Butterflies are highly social and empathetic. They are organized and love attention. This sign is good at overcoming difficult things. They can be quiet but they are elegant and good with people.

The Wolf - Reed/The Inquisitor (Oct 28 - Nov 24)

People born under the influence of reed are honorable, brave and focused. But, they like to be alone. They like to dig deep beneath the surface of things and events and they love stories. The Wolf can be a bit manipulative but not in a mean way or for bad reasons.

The Hawk - Elder/The Seeker (Nov 25 - Dec 23)

Hawks are wise and generous, with ambitious desires. They have their strong opinions and they stand by what they believe in. They love freedom and they seek thrills but are also brutally honest.