Your Perfect Person Will Be Just As Weird As You

Your Perfect Person Will Be Just As Weird As You

When I first started dating my boyfriend, my children all had the same reaction. "Momma, he's weird." I'd just laugh and smile, because yes, he is.

But then again, so am I. And that's why we're great together.

Some people go out of their way to hide the fact that they are awkward. I used to be one of them. Then one day, I realized I like who I am. And by pretending to be something different, I would never know if people liked the real me, or the persona I put on for the public eye.

I Am Who I Am

I run into the walls. I argue with myself. I turn the radio down in my truck so I can see better. I am a walking contradiction and I rarely make sense. But I also have a good heart and I'll go to the ends of the Earth for those I care about. If I got you, I got you. No questions asked.

It took me a long time to accept my oddball personality. But now that I do, I refuse to go back into hiding for anyone - especially a man. Luckily, my boyfriend is a weirdo too so I don't have to hide! We let our freak flags fly together.

I've tried dating normal people but it never worked out. You know the kind I mean. They're put together and collected all the time. You never see them lose their shit. And let's be honest, they're usually a bit uptight. They fit in with the crowd and they don't rock the boat.

The Problem Is...

They were all great guys. But they were lost souls without a purpose, without an understanding of who they were. They hid their true personalities from the world so they won't be judged. But why become a stranger to yourself just to seek the unnecessary approval of strangers?

These guys were so concerned about the opinions of others that they would try and change things about me that they found lacking. And for a while, I let it happen. But I was miserable. Why should you be with someone if you're going to try and change everything about them?

If you can't love the real them, then you should move on to the next person. He's not the one.

Find Someone Who Makes You Feel Stupid… In a Good Way

Things can get boring pretty quickly if you're with the wrong person. But when you find the right person, even the most mundane things like watching tv can become exciting. Find the person who likes to imitate the show you're watching just to make you laugh. Look for the one who sings the theme song with you every time you're watching your favorite show together.

Wait for someone you don't mind singing in front of, even though you can't carry a tune to save your life. Date the person who inspires you to make ugly faces. Pick the person that you feel normal around, even when you're acting your weirdest.

If you're having trouble finding a happy relationship, maybe it's time to find a partner that has embraced their weirdness. You deserve to be with someone who embraces all of you, no matter how weird you are.

Pick the Partner who Makes You Weirder

When a weird person dates another weird person, things can get pretty… natural. Haha, not what you thought I was going to say, right? Of course not. The best thing about my relationship is that I never feel self-conscious about if I'm acting odd.

If I say something stupid, my boyfriend is going to reply with something even "stoopider" (as my 13-year-old daughter likes to fondly call our entire, happy strange family). We can go back and forth for 30 minutes, joking about the most random things.

Even though I'm acting certifiably strange, it feels right. Because he gets my weirdness without me having to explain. When you find someone who can love you like that, you don't let go. That's when you know you've found the right person for you.