Your Partner Is Too Damaged For Relationships, If You See These 8 Things

Your Partner Is Too Damaged For Relationships, If You See These 8 Things

We all like to think there is someone out there for us. And don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful dream. But if there is one thing some people's social and love lives have proven, it's that relationships are not for everyone.

Being in a relationship is easier said than done when you have taken one too many emotional and psychological blows. So, you have to wonder if your love interest is too damaged for relationships.

Well, the buck stops here. These are 8 signs that the damage a potential partner has suffered is too much for them to be in a relationship right now.

1. Attacks Expected

My friend's boyfriend was charming to some extent. But moments would come when he would completely go bananas and attack her. Because she was late by a few minutes to some appointment, he would make a huge deal out of it and practically work himself into a panic. It was scary and also not the kind of thing you should not have to put up with while in a normal loving relationship.

2. They Love To Dig Up The Past

A damaged person would never forget the reason for their pain. He'll go on and on about it…. ALL THE TIME. Naturally, this tends to be an ex and not in a fun way. Whenever they launch into a discussion about their past, it is filled with negativity, a clear sign that they are not ready to be in a relationship. Obviously, with such an attitude, this person will have a hard time seeing the positive side of their current relationship. Who can put up with that?

3. Avoiding Reality

Normal routines just don't seem to concern these people. You will find them shopping at Walmart in their pajamas and it might seem cute and quirky at first. But that is a huge sign that these people cannot handle reality and have created their own peculiar worlds. Don't let a little crush suck you into this world–you will regret it.

4. Being Mean

When the relationship is just starting out, the mean comments might seem like innocent teasing. But over time, it'll no longer be funny–only mean and hurtful. My friend's boyfriend would be mean just to get her to do things for her. He was a bully.

5. Lots Of Words And No Action

When the time for my friend and her boyfriend came to get into a committed relationship, there were no concerns. He went to a lot of lengths to assure her they were making the right call, and they went all out and met each other's families and friends.

They even moved in together just before he called the whole thing off over some lame excuse. That was an embarrassing blow for my friend. It was also a sobering reminder that he was broken beyond repair.

6. Complete Unpredictability

When I met my friend's boyfriend, I was impressed. He was warm and cordial, and there seemed to be great chemistry between them. But out of the blue, he would shut down and turn into a block of ice. She would put up with it until he snapped out of it. But that is something she should have never tolerated to begin, as she later realized.

7. Going MIA For Long Periods Of Time

In relationships with normal people, a day never goes by without the two love birds trying to get in touch. But I have seen boyfriends who will disappear for weeks without a word. It's not like the guy was working on an oil rig or was locked in a maximum-security prison. There wasn't even a warning. The guy just falls off the face of the earth and then comes out of nowhere, declaring profusely his love and commitment. Needless to say, this relationship did not get far.

8. You'll Suffer The Blunt Of Their Insecurities

Damaged people have insecurities in abundance. And no matter how cute, beautiful, and loving you are, he will not get past them. In fact, these advantages you have might amplify his insecurities. You do something nice for him; he feels inadequate. You want to advance in life; he gets in the way out of fear that he's losing you.