Your Meltdowns, Clinginess And Overthinking Won't Be A Deal-breaker For The Right Person

Your Meltdowns, Clinginess And Overthinking Won’t Be A Deal-breaker For The Right Person

Hi there. I know you've been told you are too clingy, and it's been eating you on the inside. But don't buy it. The right person will think it's cute and mean it.

He'll be flattered that you are so eager to spend so much of your time around him.

See! You are not clingy but charmingly available. He'll live for the texts you send all the time, and he will feel the urge to commit to you as much as you have committed to him.

And as for the meltdowns, don't worry about them. Not. One. Bit.

The right guy will see them as a way to connect more deeply with you. What you classify as meltdowns will appear to be vulnerability. And who can resist that in someone they love and care about? Not me!

So, when you get overwhelmed by emotions and can hardly contain yourself, know that the right person will be right there by your side doing everything they can to make sure you are okay.

You will not be made to feel like a basket case and an oversensitive partner when things seem out of control.

What you will get instead are reminders that all will be well. They will also do everything in their power to make sure you understand that. Because of this person, the storms in your life will be easier to handle.

You have heard it said that you overthink.

How dare they! It's not true. That is simply a disparaging accusation from a person you should not waste your time with. To the right person, you are a lover who pays attention to details and thinks things through before making a decision.

What am I getting at?

It's simple: seen from the eyes of love, many of the things people claim are wrong about you will be the very things that will make the right person love you more.

I am not saying you do away with all logic and stop working on bettering yourself if you can. All I am trying to say is that for the right person, none of the things considered a problem by unsuitable lovers will be deal-breakers.

Don't give up on love believing you don't have what it takes. To the right person, you have more than enough.

For instance, being with the wrong person will make you constantly worried about what will become of your relationship when they see you without makeup. And for the most part, these concerns are varied.

Some guys have been known to press the pause button as soon as they saw their love interests without makeup.

But guess what? This won't matter when you are with the right person. So, your messed-up hair, unshaved legs, and lack of makeup will not make the right person think less of you.

Their love will be unconditional, and they will always compliment you, even when you feel too self-conscious.

You will not feel judged for wearing sweatpants or be made to feel weird. To them, it will either be amusing and charming or not a big concern.

Those insecurities you have been keeping to yourself can hurt your self-esteem. You should address them until they are not an issue. A little support from the right person can go a long way in helping you with this.

With the right person in your life, you will wonder why you were so worried to begin with. They will see beauty in every aspect of you, even in things you think are less than perfect about you.

You can count on the right person complimenting and reassuring you all day long, as long as you need it. Their appreciation of you and your love will endure, and you will notice this in the way they treat you and talk about you.

However intense you get, the right person will not fault you for it. You will not be made to feel you are too pesky, and they will adore you in every way.

Yes, even relationship labels won't be an issue for them.

We all want someone who won't hurt us, lie to us, and leave us high and dry. And we totally deserve it because you are perfect for someone out there.

And that someone wants nothing more than to build a future with you, care for you, grow with you, and spend all their lives with you.

You are perfect just the way you are.