Your Mean And Blunt Friend Is Often The Best Friend You Can Have

Our mean friends are the most important friend within our friend circle. They are a breath of reality and keep it real with you whether you like it or not. They’re the most loyal friends you can ever have, and they’re never afraid to tell you the blunt truth about things. You should never let go of a friend like this and here are five reasons why.

1. They are sincere

A blunt friend will tell you everything as it is. Their honesty to you can always be expected. When you are falling they will inform you. If you wear a crappy outfit, they’ll tell you. They can never let you look like a fool to others. Brutality is telling someone what is real. Unfortunately, we may not always want to hear what is real. A mean friend never deceives you.

2. They are funny

Jokes are part of friendship. Blunt friends are funny. They possess a high intelligence level and are witty. Their unpretentious jokes will always create a good laugh. Your blunt friend is sharp with witty honesty. They will learn your sad behaviors, and bringing back happiness when it is needed. Joy and happiness will follow you with a friend like this.

3. They can help you plan your life

A mean friend is important during your time of failure. If you are ruining your life, and everything is collapsing, a mean friend will encourage you. Your blunt friend will tell you how to fix your misfortunes, and tell what you’re doing wrong. He or she is optimistic about your situation. They will do research or whatever is necessary to help you fix things.

4. They fight for their loved ones

With any kind of accusations put against their friends, a mean friend will not put up with. They are not afraid to protect you. Their actions are their strongest weapon. During your stressful situations, they will bring you confidence. A blunt friend will create a barrier to your opposition. They will barricade wrong information from those who talk behind your back. Mean friends are the best friends because they don’t fear fighting for you.

5. They are brave for you

Mean friends have no fear of being disliked. They do not mind if they are judged. They have their opinions, and they will not care who disagrees.

Everyone needs a blunt friend in their life. Someone who is honest has a sense of humor and above all, one who is on your side. You will never regret having a blunt friend.