Your “i’ll Love You Until…” According To Your Zodiac Sign

Love's the purest magic. It can help overcome tough obstacles and bring sadness and pain to an end. It's a divine force that makes our lives happier and better.

Love brings out the dreamers and believers in us. It can make us feel fulfilled in life. It heals and forgives. It's patient and kind.

We often believe that love will bring us the "happily-ever-after." Bring us to a point in life that's free of trials, pain, and challenges. But it's not as simple as that. Even the most perfect and fulfilled relationships have a breaking point.

The ending of a relationship is an individual thing. It'll depend on your personality traits. Discover your "I'll Love You Until…" according to your Zodiac sign.

Aries: "…Until You Betray Me"

Aries means the God of war in the Zodiac sign. An Aries will encounter constant battles every day of their life. They're prepared to fight to their graves.

What an Aries wants is to conquer. Thus, if you're in a relationship with them, keep them busy and give them something to fight for.

Taurus: "…Until You Break My Heart"

A Taurus is stronghearted, and it will take a long time for you to break their spirit. They quickly get hurt, but it's hard to destroy them. They're steady and truthful, and they can endure tough situations in a relationship.

But once you earn their trust, be sure not to break it. If you betray or make a Taurus insecure about their choices, they'll abandon you.

Gemini: "…Until You Outsmart Me"

Don't ever try playing mind games with a Gemini. Geminis are masters of deception. They're ruled by planet Mercury, making them smart in intellect affairs, commerce, and communication.

If a Gemini realizes you're fooling them, that will be the breaking point of your relationship. They will find ways to make you feel like you are not good enough.

Cancer: "…Until You Abandon Me"

Cancerians are a sign of the moon, and your company is essential to them. Even though sometimes they prefer spending time alone, they seek a balance in a relationship. And once you win their heart, they will do anything to make you happy.

A cancer person's possessive and sweet until you betray their trust. Emotional security is their priority, and if they aren't feeling loved or secure, they'll abandon a relationship. And it will be hard to win their love back.

Leo: "…Until You Make Me Look Like A Fool"

A Leo person wants to be appreciated and the center of attention. They often feel judged by the public and strive to protect their social image.

Never insult a Leo about the things they feel insecure about or anything that's sacred to them. They will stop loving you if they realize you take for granted all that they do for you.

Always ensure you have something nice to tell them. A Leo appreciates honesty and knows their mistakes. But don't rub their flaws in their face.

Virgo: "…Until You Start Lying"

Virgos are observant and realistic. They know and understand everything that's happening around them in life, as well as the people in their lives. The moment they detect a lie, they're gone.

Virgo's heart is full of trust and hope. They believe that everybody's kind. Their offer the greatest love to those they find trustworthy.

Libra: "…Until You Mess With My Peace"

Libras are diplomats and peacemakers. They always find ways to resolve quarrels and conflicts. They will try making a relationship work but don't mess with their order of things.

Scorpio: "…Until You Hold Secrets From Me"

Be honest to a Scorpio, and they are always understanding, no matter the situation. They'll love you for the person you are despite your flaws and weaknesses. But never keep secrets from them because they're terrible at holding grudges.

Sagittarius: "…Until You Don't Bring Me Hope"

Being children of Zeus, Sagittarius hates it when someone tries to piss them off. They'll keep the love magic thriving as long as you don't shut their optimism.

A Sagittarius aims high in all things, and they want a partner who trusts their integrity and vision. If you criticize their goals, they'll lose interest in you.

Capricorn: "…Until You Give Up"

Capricorns are ruled by the God of Time. They know the ways of making a relationship last. They're warm-hearted and truthful.

A Capricorn admires someone who doesn't give up. Aim higher despite the troubles you're going through, and they'll love you until the end of times.

Aquarius; "…Until You Look Like Everyone Else"

Aquarius is attracted to uniqueness. They can cherish the little personalities which you aren't proud of.

If you're dating an Aquarius, ensure you embrace your qualities and cultivate your talents. Don't stop surprising them with little secrets and they'll admire each of them.

Pisces: "…Until You Make Me Stop Dreaming"

A Pisces will adore you unless you disrupt their dreams and passion. They dream about the world and travel a lot to make their ideas real or to get inspiration.

Pisces are sensitive. Therefore, don't be cold with them. They believe in fairy tales. If you keep them hooked on the situation, they'll love you for it.