Your Guide To Homecoming Essentials


Homecoming is a major event for many individuals, and being prepared for whichever homecoming event your school is hosting is vital to making your experience less stressful and more about the memories. Our guide to homecoming essentials gives you tips on helpful items and things to consider as you get ready for your homecoming event.

Consider Your Homecoming Event

Schools across the United States put on a variety of events for homecoming, and before deciding which homecoming essentials you need, you should first consider your homecoming event. Homecoming events like football games or tailgates will have a different list of essentials than a homecoming dance, which is a more formal event.


- Before thinking about which homecoming essentials to have on hand, ask yourself a few questions, such as:
- Will my homecoming event be outside? If so, what is the weather predicted to be like?
- Will I need a jacket or umbrella?
- Will I need to charge my phone at any point during the homecoming event?
- Are there any special rules about homecoming that my school has detailed?
- If the event is a homecoming dance, what will I need to be comfortable in my outfit throughout the night?
- Do I need a change of outfit for after my homecoming event?


Keeping in mind the answers to these questions can help guide you to gather your homecoming essentials and stay prepared.

Homecoming Essentials to Have On Hand

The following homecoming essentials are great to have on hand so you can ensure you enjoy your homecoming events with less stress.

Homecoming Essentials Purse

No matter which homecoming event you attend, such as a football game, a tailgate, or a homecoming dance, packing a small purse with homecoming essentials is a great way to make sure you are prepared for all eventualities.


Items to carry in your purse include things like bobby pins, sunglasses, sunscreen, deodorant, perfume, tampons, and an extra phone charger. You may also want to bring a small pack of tissues, hand wipes, or hand sanitizer. Make sure that items in your purse adhere to any school or event venue rules.

Homecoming Style Essentials

If your main homecoming event is a dance, then there are a few essentials that you will need to keep in mind, as well as some items to consider as you get ready for the dance.


Every individual attending homecoming will need to dress according to the school's dress code – there may be a specific theme or a simple requirement of 'semi-formal' clothing. It's essential that you pick out a dress, suit, or jumpsuit that fits with your school's homecoming style requirements.

Other homecoming style essentials include jewelry and hair accessories that match your perfect homecoming dress, your phone, an additional camera to take pictures, hair and makeup items for touch-ups throughout the night, heel pads to prevent blisters or cuts from your shoes, your ID, and cash.


Make sure that you purchase homecoming dance tickets ahead of time if necessary, and plan pre or post-homecoming activities with your friends or date in order to have a full night of fun.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a homecoming essential regardless of the event you are attending – no one wants to spend their time at homecoming wearing shoes that leave blisters or are otherwise bothering their feet.


If you are planning on doing a lot of walking or if you are attending an outdoor homecoming event such as a tailgate, a comfortable pair of flat shoes or sneakers is a great choice.

For a homecoming dance, many people feel that a pair of high heels are essential, but only wear these if you are comfortable walking in them. In the weeks leading up to homecoming, you should try and wear your shoes each day to break them in and prevent blisters or other shoe malfunctions on the night of your homecoming dance.


Outdoor Homecoming Essentials

If your homecoming event is taking place outdoors, you should take time to dress appropriately for the weather and invest in outdoor homecoming essentials.

Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, umbrellas, jackets, and a water bottle are all great to have on hand if you plan on spending lots of time outdoors or time in the sun. Check the weather forecast for the day of your homecoming event so you can plan accordingly.


You can also bring school spirit items with you such as flags, banners, and pom-poms (depending on your specific school's rules and event venue rules), or you may want to bring face paint so you and your friends can show off your school spirit in style.

Ensuring Your Homecoming Is Stress-Free

Getting ready for your homecoming events and making plans for your homecoming experience is often a stressful process, and as you organize yourself and your friends for fun, it's easy to forget certain items.


Make sure that you have a list of homecoming essentials on hand and that you ensure you have these items with you ahead of your homecoming event so that once you and your friends pull up to the dance, football game, tailgate, or another fun event, you're only focused on having fun and making memories.